How Do You Turn Your Temporary Job into a Permanent One?

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Working in temporary jobs in London brings you numerous benefits from broadening and deepening your skills through to excellent wages. Temping in London can be ideal for getting known, trying something out, and proving your worth. However, if you’ve settled for temp work in London hoping it can be a springboard to something more permanent, how do you maximise your chances?

Choose your London recruitment agency with care

Before you even accept a position, it’s vital to choose an agency that works with both temporary and permanent positions. If you’re working with a London recruitment agency that only caters for temping, then they won’t encourage and support you in your endeavour to shift from temp to perm. So, choose a recruitment agency that will be in your corner, whether it’s temping or a permanent position you end up with.

Reliability is non-negotiable

Those doing temp work in London who hope to be taken on permanently have to fight hard against a stereotype. Employers can view temps as unreliable and less invested. Prove them wrong. Work as diligently, responsibly, and reliably as if it was your permanent position, because it might well be.

Become invaluable

Employers are increasingly using temps as a way to strategically manage their recruitment. This is particularly true in office support jobs in London. While the employer believes you are easily replaceable, you don’t have true worth as a permanent employee.

Instead, you need to convince the employer that while you’re doing temporary jobs in London now, they don’t want to lose you. Therefore, work hard to make the role your own and go beyond what’s expected of you. Seek extra responsibility and demonstrate how you add value, which isn’t generic, but specific to what you bring.

Be honest

Don’t be afraid within your placement to be honest that you’d be open to the role becoming permanent. Let both your boss and your recruitment consultant know.

Use your temp work in London to your advantage

If you’ve worked in a number of different temporary jobs in London, then you have some unique skills. You likely know numerous different processes and computer systems. You’ll have worked in multiple locations and for various different personalities. You’ll have the skills of flexibility and efficiency, which can really make a difference to the employer’s workplace.

Doing temp work in London also enables you to network effectively. You’ll become a known candidate for future roles that become available at the company and you’ll have a head start in building relationships within the industry and organisation. Put in the effort to become known for the right reasons and you’ll be in a prime position should a permanent position open up.

Be loyal and goal-orientated

All organisations have their own culture, goals, and ambitions. Find out what these are and shape yourself to fit them. Quickly learn what’s valued within the organisation and get stuck in being committed to the organisation.

Be patient

Lastly, be patient. It takes time to prove yourself and it can take time for an employer to change their hiring approach. Find out what temporary jobs in London are available today using our job search and submit your CV. We’ll help you find your next role.


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