Office Catering Options in London

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If you’re tasked with organising office catering as part of your London PA job or office support role, you may feel daunted. No need to worry—we’ve narrowed it down to five office catering options in London, so even if you’re temping in the capital from overseas, you can look like a local pro.


Feastly does what its name suggests: great feasts done well. It’s not just taste with Feastly, although that is impressive, but the food really does hold the wow-factor in terms of presentation. If you need to cater for important clients, they won’t let you down.  All the food is freshly prepared, cooked on site where necessary, and they’ll clean up the mess for you. This is your best option when you want to impress without having in-house chefs at your office.

City Pantry

City Pantry has gained a strong reputation for providing delicious team lunches. They work by bringing the restaurant of your choice to you, kind of like a delivery service, but so much more than a regular takeaway. It will cost your company the same as sitting down to eat in the restaurant itself, but no one needs to break their stride by leaving the office.

Eden Caterers

Eden Caterers are in many ways your good old-school caterers, as their name implies. From breakfast to canapes, box meals to sit-down dinners, and a lot more besides, you’ll get the bespoke service you need.

However, Eden is a step beyond the old-school. They have a distinct focus on sustainability paired with fresh, seasonal food. They operate from their kitchens in Waterloo and can cater for groups from 15 to 1000, so we’re sure they’ll be able to help. They are immensely diverse in what they can provide so you’re sure to find what you need.

Fed Team

Fed by Abel & Cole provides offices throughout the capital with organic nutritious food. Their model probably won’t work if you’re looking to organise a client lunch in the office, but if your PA job requires you to feed some overtimers or a team beavering away on a specific project, then this could work. Choose the items you’d like delivered and enjoy an informal meal together where everyone mucks in and helps themselves.

Gail’s Bread

Gail’s Bread focuses on delivering taste-sensations at breakfast and lunch in London. Whether you need delicate mini-pastries to wow clients with their coffee break or something substantial to refuel training delegates, they have plenty of choice. Great for a traditional sandwich platter that doesn’t underwhelm like usual, everything is baked fresh each day. Gail’s Bread is a favourite because it’s all about good, honest baking.

Whether you’re temping in London and need to find a catering solution or organising catering at office functions is simply part of your PA role, these options give you plenty of scope whatever the event.

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