Why I Love Doing PA Jobs in London

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At our leading London PA recruitment agency, we like to find out why our candidates love working in PA jobs in London. So we recently chatted with one of our PAs to find out what attracted her to office support jobs in London and why she loves working as a PA in the capital. If you’re thinking of becoming a PA or applying for office support jobs, her insights will get you in the know…

Why did you become a PA in London?

Well, I’ve been working in PA jobs in London and other office support roles since I left college. I always knew I wanted to work in the capital and in admin. But after a few entry-level roles, I decided to find out more about being a PA.

I originally approached Love Success because they were a PA recruitment agency and I wanted to ask about PA jobs in London and how suitable I would be. They encouraged me to move into PA work and I haven’t looked back since!

I really love being a PA in London. I feel really connected to the city I love, while also making a real difference to my boss. I prefer working directly as a PA for one executive, rather than being lost as an admin cog in a machine. It suits me better and I feel like I can contribute more.

What are the benefits of PA jobs in London?

I absolutely love being in the capital! It makes the role of a PA very dynamic and interesting. There are so many interesting venues to book, and transport is easy to arrange. It’s also where you can work for the most thriving employers. Plus I get to experience a side of the city that makes me feel really connected to where I live and work.

I’ve found that the opportunities are better here, and so is the pay! I’ve never had to settle for a PA job because it was the only one available—I’ve always had choice. I’m also paid really well for my sector and that’s only possible because I’m in London.

Are there parts of working as a PA in London that are hard?

Of course, like with any job or place of work, there are challenges. The biggest challeng is probably traffic. That can really mess up the best-laid plans! Also, you (and your employer) have to be really organised. Places get booked up insanely fast. You have to work hard to build connections and make arrangements as far in advance as you can.

What do you see for your future?

At the moment, I’m really happy working in PA jobs in London. I can see that this is the only place I can really build a career as a PA. I’m very happy with my current role, but in the future I want to seek a PA role with more managerial responsibility. I’ll need to move to a bigger organisation to make this happen, but I’m sure that too will be in London.

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