What’s It Like Doing Temp Work in London?

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There are many reasons why you should consider temporary jobs in London. They can offer good money, be great for your career, interesting, flexible, and exactly the opportunity you’re looking for. But what’s it really like doing temp work in London? We fill many temporary office support jobs in London, so we’ve spoken to three of our candidates to get the lowdown.

Who is temp work in London for?

Ellen, a 29-year-old PA, says: “Temp work in London, especially for office support jobs, is no longer just about those looking to bide their time or fill a gap. Temp work suits pretty much everyone. You can actually use it to get experience quickly so that you can forge ahead in your PA career.”

Aneira is 35 and from Wales, and she works in office admin. She says: “Temping in London was great for me to find out what I really wanted to do. I used it as a way of moving to London before knowing where I wanted to live and work. It’s enabled me to ‘try it out’ options to find out what I like.”

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How long are temporary PA assignments for?

“My first temp job was just for a week. But since then, I’ve done jobs ranging from a fortnight to six months,” reports Aneira. Ellen’s experience was slightly different: “I’ve never taken a temp job that’s for less than three months. That’s about the right time for me to feel I can really make a difference to an employer whilst having some stability for myself.”

Janet previously worked in a permanent PA role for 12 years before having children. She says: “Really, there are so many different lengths of placement. It works for me around young children and a partner who travels because I can take a placement knowing exactly how long it will be. That said, it’s quite usual to get asked to stay longer once an employer knows you!”

Is it good or bad for your career to do temp work?

Janet has had a really positive experience: “I thought it would be tricky for my career. I was used to working for just one employer and building my career with them. However, once I started temping, I realised that I was expanding my range of skills so much more. This has enabled me to take other temp roles that I didn’t have the relevant experience for previously.”

Ellen discovered: “My career actually grew when I started temping. You get to know London and London employers really well. You can add something new, which each employer benefits from. You quickly gain a great range of skills and a number of great references.”

How do you find temporary office support jobs in London?

Choose a recruitment agency that specialises in office support jobs in London that fill both temporary and permanent positions. Talk to us about what you’re looking for in temp work in London by calling 020 7870 7177 and we’ll help to get you started.


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