5 Unique Work Social Opportunities in London for Spring 2019

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Popping up on the task list for PAs in London is organising a work social or team-building event. This task can strike fear into the best of us! How do you choose something that hasn’t been done a million times before, is in budget, and will appeal to those being encouraged to come? As a PA recruitment agency, we feel your pain. But we also love our own socials, so we wanted to share a few of our London favourites…

  1. The Crystal Maze Live Experience

    The Crystal Maze Live Experience is now bang in the heart of London, in the West End. There are 32 crazy challenges that require your team to really showcase (and develop!) their team work. For those who aren’t familiar with the popular 90s TV show, don’t worry. It’s great fun, a little like a series of escape rooms with a mixture of challenges to overcome.  The venue can be privately hired if you have a minimum group size of 32, making it ideal for larger workplace social events.

  2. Silent Sounds Disco On Board

    Silent Sounds is a private hire boat trip on the Thames with a real difference. Worried that you can’t cater to everyone’s tastes for the summer office party? Here’s your answer. Everyone gets to party on board to their preferred DJ playing their kind of music through their own headphones, yet you’re all dancing together.

  3. My Chocolate

    Don’t ever say there aren’t any perks of PA jobs in London, because this is a real winner! My Chocolate is a chance for corporate groups to unwind and bond through the creation of chocolate (and even cocktails!). Events can be tailor-made to suit the needs of your team. Find out more about what you can arrange here. Just make sure you get a taste test!

  4. Golf Crazy at Swingers

    This is no corporate golf day, but a chance for everyone to have some fun at the tee. Swingers is an adult-only crazy golf venue with two courses alongside four cocktail bars and some awesome street food. There are a range of private hire spaces depending on your group size and requirements, but we’re sure most of your time will be spent getting mildly competitive with a club. 

  5. Aftermath Escape Games

For a unique team-building event that will come to your premises, look into Aftermath, which offers mobile escape games. With the likes of BT, Lloyds Bank, and Shell having used them, you know they must be good. Knowing that the entertainment is coming to you helps you scale some of the usual hurdles that prevent people turning up.

We hope these concepts will give you some fresh ideas so when the next social you’ve organised is announced, it isn’t met with groans! For more top tips for those in PA jobs, stay tuned to the Love Success blog.


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