When the Going Gets Tough: The Story of One London PA

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As anyone who works in PA jobs knows, your executive can make or break you. At our top London PA recruitment agency, we know that sometimes the workplace can be tough. So today, we talk to one of our PAs who had a really tough experience and see how she overcame it thanks to temp jobs. This is her story.

My career as a London PA

I’m a very experienced PA, with a few more grey hairs than I care to admit! This means that I entered the London job market in a time when staying put was the aim of your career. I believed that showing long-term commitment to an employer was perhaps the most important thing in terms of my working life.

This was all well and good as my role grew and developed—as did that of the executive I worked for. As his career grew, so did mine. For over 15 years, this worked for me. However, one day my boss announced that he was leaving. There had been a recent merger and although he wasn’t ousted, he felt he wanted to build his career elsewhere. Like that, my future felt insecure.

I tried to weather the change, but my new executive hadn’t had a PA before. Now I was faced with someone who needed a scapegoat and he was all too happy to put me in that role. To cut a long story short, I ended up claiming for constructive dismissal at an employment tribunal. I won the claim, but I was facing a job market that had moved on, combined with a wariness that I never wanted to be in the same position again.

My new lease of life as a PA

One day, I was chatting to a friend of mine who is also a London PA. Her career had been quite different to mine. What I hadn’t realised is that temp work in London was an actual valid career option, not simply something you do between permanent roles. I had to admit that my preconception about the temp PA world-of-work in London was quite wrong!

My next lesson came when I discovered that a PA recruitment agency nowadays doesn’t just focus on permanent recruitment. Indeed, a temporary recruitment agency in London can actually be a PA recruitment agency too. I’ll admit my next step was luck. The first (and only) such agency I contacted was Love Success. Their recruitment staff helped me to realise that temp work in London wouldn’t harm my career—in fact, it could be exactly what I needed to regain confidence and get my career back on track.

I haven’t really looked back since then. I still see Love Success as both my temporary recruitment agency London and my PA recruitment agency. They know me well, which means the roles are fantastic. It’s not happened yet, but if I come across a boss like the one who made things so hard, I know I can quickly move on. I’ve regained my confidence but I’ve gone further than before. I now know that my career is thriving and it’s actually down to temp work!

At Love Success, we take pride in knowing we’ve helped to turn someone’s career around for the better. Let’s see what we can do for you too. Get in touch on 020 7870 7177 and get back on track with us as your temporary recruitment agency in London.


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