Top 5 Apps for London Personal Assistants

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We know you’re busy! Builders use tools, chefs use utensils, PAs need apps. Choose the right apps and your working life becomes more ordered, productive, and efficient. So, we’ve taken the hard work out of choosing which are best and have come up with our top five apps for London personal assistants:

  1. 24me

    24me is billed as a virtual assistant, but hold your horses, this isn’t about replacing you. You’re PA to your executive, but who is PA to you? That’s where 24me comes in. It’s a great app for putting everything in one place from your calendar to your to-do list to all those notes you make. It even enables you to join conference calls without remembering the number, and lets you turn emails in to to-do list tasks. Want to sync your work life? 24me is the app you need.

  2. ETA

    Ever get frustrated with how much time you or your executive waste whilst travelling? Ever arrive too early and sit, frustrated, knowing there was better use of your time? Ever been embarrassed that your boss is late for an important client because you trusted Google Maps with the timing? ETA is the solution. It tells you real-time travel times to the places you go to as well as providing the maps you need. Planning journeys is made simple whatever the day, whatever the traffic.

  3. Doodle

    If you spend wasted hours simply trying to coordinate different delegates for a meeting, then Doodle is for you. Without leaving your desk, picking up the phone, or trawling through emails, you can suggest a few different meeting times, invite attendees to choose which works best, then you simply go with the best option.

  4. Toggl

    Toggl is great for PAs wondering how they can be more effective with their time. Know that you’ve been run off your feet but can’t quite pin down why? This app sorts it for you. It is essentially a productivity tracker. It allows you to see which tasks are consuming your time. Knowledge is power and you can then use this information to determine whether you could use your time differently.

  5. Wunderlist

Wunderlist has long been a favourite of those doing office support jobs in London because of its functionality. Wunderlist is the extreme planning and organisation tool. It takes your to-do lists and elevates them to refined elegance allowing you to simply focus on getting stuff done. With its reminders and collaboration features, it helps you to keep track of everyone and everything quickly.

Apps make life easier in PA jobs in London—if you choose the right ones. Think about the tasks that are pain points in your day, then choose the right app to make it easier. Make apps the tools of your trade. If you’re looking for your next temp PA job or a permanent PA job, get in touch with our team today.


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