A Day in the Life of a London PA

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It’s another success story for Love Success and PA jobs in London! Last month, we posted an interview about one of our candidates who has moved into a PA role and loves the change and the challenge. What we didn’t have time to chat about is what she actually does all day, every day! So we decided to chat to one of our more experienced PAs and find out just what a day in the life of a London PA looks like.

What time does your day start?

I start at 8.30am. My boss tends to get in around 9/9.30. This means I have time to get things organised for a ‘running start’ once she’s in the door!

What tasks do you complete during an average day?

There is no such thing as an average day! That said, there’s a high focus on admin. I always see the admin as the glue. It’s there holding everything together. Get the admin right and then I can slot in all the additional jobs, both big and small, that make up my role.

What are those big and small tasks?

Small tasks can be anything from dropping what I’m doing to quickly run off a report for my boss who is mid-meeting to calling a client to let them know a certain action has been taken. Big tasks vary enormously depending on what the company is up to. For example, at the moment much of my time is taken up as we’re preparing for an exhibition and there’s a lot involved with planning.

Do you get on well with your executive?

I feel I have a really productive working relationship with her, yes. She really values what I do and lets me know. She frequently refers to me as her ‘life saver’! I love this. I get a really positive sense of satisfaction knowing that I’ve made her life just that little bit easier.

What happens when you take time off?

I do need to plan my time off well in advance wherever I can. Many of the tasks I do can be done in advance of being away. However, there are always a lot of ‘on the day’ tasks in a PA role. Therefore if I’m going to be off for more than a day or two, we speak to Love Success and get someone looking for short-term temp work in London to hold the reins while I’m away.

What is particularly challenging about what you do?

I work for one executive at the moment. In one of my previous PA jobs in London, I was working for three! They needed to share me and that was tricky to balance. It was my job to ensure very clear communication between them so they understood where the priorities lay. However, there were times I wished I could split into three!

What advice would you give to someone considering being a PA as a career?

My number one piece of advice would be to try it and see. There are so many office support and PA temp work in London opportunities that you can give it a go before committing. Secondly, be organised! It’s integral to the job but also makes it easier for you too.

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