Tackling the Myths of Temp Work in London

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As a recruitment agency in London that specialises in temporary jobs, we know more than a thing or two about temping. Time and time again, we hear common myths about temporary work in the capital. Often, these beliefs are wrong. At best, they’re founded on out-of-date information. So, let’s kick some of these myths about temporary jobs to the kerb.

Myth: Temp positions are as rare as hen’s teeth

There are a staggering 1,568,000 temporary workers in the UK. And there has been a rise in the availability of temporary jobs recently due to uncertainty around Brexit. There’s never been a better time to apply for temp jobs, and you can browse our range of temporary jobs in London here.

Myth: Temping isn’t a career choice, it’s a stop-gap

This myth has flourished thanks to a few things in history. Firstly, during periods of economic recession, individuals are often forced to consider temporary options as a stop-gap. Secondly, temping has long been a viable option for the young, who haven’t settled into a defined career. However, to see that this is no longer the full picture, we need to appreciate that we aren’t in a recession and our labour market has substantially changed with millennials coming of age.

Temp work in London can very much be an active career choice these days. There are a range of exciting temporary job options and temp wages have been pushed up considerably—with the fastest growth since 2007. An interesting case study is global giant Google, who has recently announced minimum wages and better conditions for their global temporary workers.

Myth: Temping is only for seasonal or absence reasons

In line with shifts in the labour market model for various reasons (including the gig economy and Brexit), employers no longer view temporary labour only as a solution to short-term seasonal or absence cover. Now, temporary workers are being recruited as a defined strategic decision. It gives organisations flexibility without compromising on productivity or profitability. For example, with Brexit, using temporary staff enables employers to take a ‘wait and see’ approach. It also allows businesses to scale up or down according to need.

Myth: Temp jobs are only for those who aren’t good at their job

Woah! People are missing out on a veritable pool of experienced candidates with this one! As a temporary job specialist recruitment agency, we can assure you that the skills and capabilities displayed by those seeking temp positions is on a par with their permanent job seeking counterparts.

Myth: Temping doesn’t allow you to progress your career

We’d argue that the opposite is true. Through temping, workers can gain a broad range of experience rapidly. Temping can actually enable an individual to gain skills in an area they’re not experienced in, and thus develop their career opportunities. What’s more, temping gives workers flexibility so they can live life their way, without the ball and chain of a permanent position.

Temporary jobs in London offer opportunities

As a leading London recruitment agency, we see these myths being smashed every day. Only in a few cases does temporary work live up to its poor reputation. You can find out more about the benefits of temp work in London in our 2019 Guide to Temping available here.


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