Insider Interview: Brexit Has Been Great for Getting Work!

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The daily Brexit news headlines can make job seekers nervous, and that’s understandable. However, did you know that the uncertainty of Brexit has proven positive for some? It may not be the majority, but those looking for temp work in London have been enjoying a time of plenty. Today we’ll hear from one of our ‘regulars’ who enjoys working in a wide range of temporary jobs in London.

Hannah Stokeley’s Story

I’ve worked in a lot of office support jobs in London. I choose temp work because I like the flexibility and the variety. It also means that I can spend parts of the year travelling. I’ve been doing this for six years now.

When the referendum result first came in, I’ll admit I was anxious. I was worried about how it would affect my love of travelling, but I was also worried about my work. At that time, I was doing temp work in London for a large international bank, within their Europe HQ. The word on the ground was that this was disastrous. Indeed, there was a lot of talk about moving some of the bank assets and jobs away from London to places like Frankfurt. Some of this has already come true.

So, when I finished that job in the autumn of 2016, I was really quite worried. As always, I went back to Love Success looking for new office support jobs in the city on a temping basis. I was pleasantly surprised that, as has happened before, I quickly found interesting and challenging temp work in London, which suited my needs to work up until January 2017. This was when I had my next trip booked.

I’ll be honest—I thought it was luck. I was still wary about Brexit and thought maybe businesses weren’t yet making any rash moves.

I came back from an incredible trip around south-east Asia in early spring 2017. I was suffering the usual post-holiday blues. However, I was also really worried about whether I would be able to find work again. Again, I went to Love Success. This time, there seemed to be even more options to choose from.

I was successful gaining an office support position for a financial services company in central London on a six-month placement. When I started there and got to know the business, it became apparent that my predecessor had been in a permanent role. I wondered why the business had chosen to replace them with temporary staff. Chatting to my boss and others, it soon became clear that their strategy was to ‘wait and see’ what Brexit meant and in the meantime use temporary staff. This particular temporary job had been created by Brexit!

Since then, I’ve spoken frequently with the recruitment staff at Love Success. They explained that this is a pattern they are seeing across office support jobs in London at the moment. They also explained that they are getting fewer applications from EU workers, believing that many of them have chosen to leave the UK.

This has been great news for those who love temping like me!

I don’t know what’s going to happen if and when we actually leave the EU. I do know that I’ve benefitted over the last couple of years. My wages have definitely gone up and I’ve had loads of opportunities to choose from.

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