What’s Happening with Temporary Jobs in London in Spring 2019?

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Brexit has triggered a sharp increase in the availability of temp work in London. There are more temporary job vacancies—and the wages being commanded for these roles are higher. As a leading London recruitment agency that specialises in temp jobs, we’ve been closely involved with businesses as they take strategic decisions to manage recruitment differently in light of Brexit. So let’s take a look at the temporary jobs scene in London this Spring.

Interim solutions boost temporary jobs

The result of strategic planning based on Brexit uncertainty means that many businesses have focused on interim solutions. On the ground, this has meant a vast increase in the availability of temp work in London. The aim of many businesses is to ensure that they aren’t weakened in operational terms—and are best-positioned to change direction when there is greater clarity.

Indeed, Brexit is cited as being one of the reasons why we’ve seen a staggering 40% rise in temporary jobs over the last decade.

More jobs, fewer workers

There are also a few factors affecting worker availability to fill temporary jobs in London. Firstly, unemployment rates are low. Indeed, unemployment is now at 3.9%—the lowest it has been in decades. Secondly, EU workers who have traditionally filled a large number of temping positions have chosen to leave the UK due to the referendum result. EU net migration has plummeted since then, meaning there are fewer EU workers coming to the UK compared to how many are leaving.

The perfect storm

In practice, we are seeing more temporary jobs in London arising, but fewer candidates to fill them. The result of this is predominantly good news for candidates who are seeking temp work in London. This doesn’t mean it’s bad news for employers though. Using temporary staff is a workable, and in fact often ideal, solution to deal with temporary fluctuations in workforce demand. As a recruitment agency in London that provides many temporary workers, we know that our clients don’t have to compromise when it comes to skills and talent. However, the situation is affecting rates of pay.

Supply and demand

With greater demand and less availability of temp workers, it’s not unsurprising that temporary job wages are being pushed up. Reuters reported that in the last quarter of 2018, temporary worker wages grew “by the most since the eve of the financial crisis in July 2007”.

There is also a lesser understood pressure causing this increase. Using temporary workers as a strategic decision to maintain operability and profitability despite uncertainty means these workers aren’t simply being used to fill seasonal or absence gaps. They are being viewed as vital to the health and success of the business. In other words, their value is greater.

A solution for employers and workers

For the current situation to work for both employers and workers, it’s vital to choose your recruitment agency partner with care. Ensure they are familiar with the current state of the market and providing temporary workers—and are able to deliver options despite the pressure from the wider political and economic environment.


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