4 Top Tips to Deal with a Boss Who Talks Non-Stop

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At our top London recruitment agency, we don’t just love to help people find jobs—but to ensure that they’re happy in them. One major component of being happy at work is having a boss who not only encourages you, but also lets you get on with your work. Unfortunately, some managers tend to talk non-stop or over-communicate, making it hard to be productive. If you’re working in a PA job or EA job, you need a great relationship with your boss, so here’s some tips on how to deal with an overly talkative boss.

1. Why is your boss communicating so much?

The first thing to do is figure out why your boss is talking so much. Are they just a chatty person, or are you doing something wrong? If they’re explaining tasks to the nth degree, it could be that they have concerns about your performance and are trying to make things as clear as possible. Perhaps they’re nervous about a project and want to keep you on the right track. You can improve this by considering your own performance and making changes to give your boss confidence that you can do the job.

2. Limit your chats

If you identify that your boss just likes to chat generally, then it’s a sign that they get on with you, which is great! However, you need to ensure that this doesn’t disrupt your work, as it can affect your concentration and productivity. If your boss keeps interrupting you to chat, then keep the interaction short and remind them you have urgent work to do. It’s in their best interests that you get the work done, so over time, limiting the chats will help you get into a more productive routine that works for both sides.

3. Swap random drop-ins for coffee breaks

While you want to cut back on how much your boss talks or interrupts you, you need to maintain a good relationship with them, especially in PA and EA jobs! This means you need to keep the communication channel open. If your boss interrupts your work, suggest going for a coffee together at regular intervals to chat, having lunch together instead, or even heading into the office kitchen to make a cup of coffee and chat there, rather than when you’re trying to work. This may stop your boss feeling the need to interrupt you so much in the future.

4. Approach it head on

If these approaches don’t work, you may need to ask your boss directly why they’re talking to you so much. Arrange a meeting with them and explain that you’re finding it difficult. A calm, non-confrontational approach is always the best way to deal with situations like this. It might simply be their management style, which they’re probably happy to adjust if they know you’re finding it difficult to concentrate. If they feel you have performance issues, at least you can now do something about it. This approach may lead to a beneficial conversation about what’s really on their mind, creating a better future working relationship with your boss.

As a top London PA recruitment agency, we know that no two bosses are alike and we always work with our agency staff to make sure they have the tools available to get the job done. If you’d like more top tips on how to ensure a harmonious workplace or are looking for temporary or permanent PA jobs, office support roles, or more, get in touch with the team at Love Success today.


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