Unwrap Your Job Potential to Land a New Job before Christmas

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The Christmas rush is right around the corner, and during this jam-packed season, the last thing you want is the daunting task of trying to find a job. Luckily, there are plenty of vacancies just waiting to be filled, and as a leading London recruitment agency, we can help you land them. So here are our top tips on how to bag a new job before the holidays are upon us.

Look far and wide

You might be tempted to look at the same old jobs boards, but to maximise your job search, you need to look further. You can improve your search by networking in your industry to find out about potential jobs, and speaking to recruitment agencies, who may have access to more vacancies. We currently have a sleigh-full of opportunities, from PA jobs to office support roles, temporary jobs to permanent positions that will get you all set for Christmas and beyond.

Tailor your CV

So you’ve found a job to apply for, but what next? Most people have a standard CV that they email to potential employers, then they wonder why they never hear back. The problem is, your CV isn’t tailored to the job, so you don’t stand out next to the hundreds of other faceless candidates applying for the same position. You’re a lump of coal in a pile of lumps of coal when the employer is looking for a diamond. You need to set yourself apart by tailoring your CV to match the role.

Interview practice makes perfect

If your CV gets through, it’s interview time. Interviews are probably the most nerve-wracking aspect of job hunting. As competition is high for PA and office support jobs in London, you need to practice your interview technique. Try doing practice interviews with friends and family. To get expert interview guidance, our recruitment agency can help you practice and prepare, so you’re not walking in blind. This will make your answers a warm glass of milk and cookies for the employer’s ears.

Get expert help

If you’re struggling to land a job even after a few interviews, it’s worth getting expert help. At our recruitment agency, we like to think of ourselves as Santa’s elves when it comes to matching candidates with their perfect jobs! As we have a pre-built relationship with many amazing employers, we know which candidates will suit which roles, which gives you a better chance at bagging your dream job.

Take the stress out of Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a time of celebration, but it’s hard to be merry when your job hunt is overshadowing the festivities. Take the stress of out your job search by giving us a call today. We can help you find temporary and permanent jobs in London, so you can focus on buying presents and embracing the party season. Our recruitment experts can help you land that dream job before St. Nick takes to the skies.


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