It’s Time for More Flextime in the Workplace

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In the modern age, working families in the UK have become disillusioned with how little is being done to accommodate their unique needs, resulting in low morale across the workforce. At our leading London recruitment agency, we believe that businesses need to offer more flexible working options for their staff.

Why flextime is needed more now than ever

A report by McDonalds UK and YouGov found that working parents want to move away from traditional 9-5 models and towards more flexible working hours. Nearly 60% of parents would prefer to start between 6am and 8am, and over 75% feel flexible hours would help them balance their home and work commitments. This demonstrates the importance of businesses understanding the unique challenges of being a working family.

There’s still a long way to go

Despite the overwhelming need and demand for flexible hours, employers are still not fully meeting the needs of working families, often leaving them with a difficult and stressful balancing act. The McDonalds survey found that 73% of parents don’t currently have the option to work flexible hours. This is despite solutions being available, with 39% saying they would work longer hours in exchange for a shorter working week. This figure that rises to 50% amongst parents with children under the age of four.

How we can help employers

As a top London recruitment agency, we offer flexible working to our staff and truly believe that flextime is the future. As such, we’re here to help both businesses and working parents find flexible solutions that ensure that their bespoke needs are met. We can offer temporary recruitment solutions across these areas, meaning businesses can provide the longer hours and shorter weeks that working parents need, whilst also retaining adequate cover.

How we can help employees

If you’re a working parent and find your employer isn’t offering the right solutions for you, we have a number of PA jobs, temporary jobs, and office support jobs in London that will enable you to work more flexible hours, on your terms.


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