The Top 5 Lunch Venues in London to Close a Deal and Bag That Client

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Your boss is calling. She’s just connected with a huge potential client and wants to wine and dine them at an impromptu lunch. She needs you, her amazing personal assistant, to find her a great lunch spot in London—and fast! Fortunately, you’ve done your research and have all of the coolest places in London on speed dial. Wait, you don’t? Luckily, this top London PA has done your homework for you!

The WOW factor

If your boss is one to make a big first impression, then look no further than Jean-Georges at The Connaught. Expensive? Absolutely! But your boss will be able to brag about the chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichton, who owns a three Michelin-star restaurant in New York City.  The menu is extravagant and exciting, which will give the new client lots to chew over and make your boss look like a star! And make you look like a brilliant and knowledgeable PA.


Not sure on the palate of the new clients and want to play it safe? The tried and tested Franco’s is a proven, authentic Italian cuisine experience that’s sure to impress. Franco’s has been in business for over 40 years for good reason—it knows what it does well, and does it to perfection. The only hard part about at lunch Franco’s may be getting a table. As a London PA, this is definitely one to know!

Lay low at Laylow

At Laylow, you can impress clients with a not-so-hidden gem that’s just off the beaten path. Laylow is tucked away in West London, but once you step inside, the ambiance is anything but tucked away. The menu is just as exciting as checking out the high-rollers and celebrities that frequent the tables. Laylow is a great way to give clients a chic look at London’s high-life, showing your potential clients what a star business you work for.

To the front(line)

The Frontline Club should be your choice if your boss really wants to show what London is all about.  Boasting one of the city’s best British cuisines, The Frontline captures the tradition and feeling of London in more than just the menu. Clients are as likely to talk business at The Frontline as they are to hear stories of war, espionage, and politics—making the lunch experience both exciting and memorable. If you want your business to stand out, this is the place to choose.

Something for everyone

Usually, places that offer something for everyone are a jack-of-all-trades but master of none. That’s not the case with The Wolseley. The menu offers a range of foods to meet everyone’s taste buds, making clients from out of town feel right at home. The prices are also quite reasonable for those bosses on a budget!

Wrapping up

A meal with clients can make or break a business deal. So don’t let a poor venue choice sour the chance for your boss to land the next big client! These five restaurants are guaranteed to impress clients, and your boss. If you want to become a top London PA, finding the the perfect reservation for the deal is a great place to start!


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