The Growing Success of Women in the Workplace

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Much has been said in the media over the last 12 months about women in the workplace—from the gender pay gap to the #metoo campaign. As the brainchild of two female founders, Love Success is a leading London recruitment agency that champions women in the workplace. Today, we’ll look at the growing success of women in the workplace and what it means to us at Love Success.

The start of women’s rights

Since the days of the suffragettes, women have had to fight their own corner, often in the face of massive prejudice. The road has undoubtedly been long and hard. Even when Emily Davison sacrificed herself at the Derby in 1913, the changes that ensued were small—limited voting rights that didn’t come into force until five years later. Thankfully, the days when women were resigned to the typing pool are long gone!

The glass ceiling

While the term ‘glass ceiling’ was first coined in 1979, almost 40 years later, there’s still a noticeable gender pay gap and a lack of qualified, capable women being promoted to the most senior positions. With only two female Prime Ministers in UK history and only 25% representation at Board level in the top 350 companies in the UK, the glass ceiling hasn’t been obliterated yet. However, that tide is turning. There has been a significant change in focus for many businesses, where women are seen as vital to success at all levels. Business recognise that women bring valuable assets including social and emotional intelligence that is better developed than in the male workforce.

The rise of the female entrepreneur

The last quarter of a century has also seen a major surge in female entrepreneurs across the globe. Nowhere is this more visible than in the traditionally male-dominated China, where 60% of entrepreneurs are now women. There are now more self-made female billionaires than ever before, with half of these currently hailing from Asia. Hopefully, the rest of the world will soon follow suit! Many experts believe that the way ahead is to encourage more women entrepreneurs.

Championing women at Love Success

Our recruitment agency Love Success was created by two female entrepreneurs, Jane Atherton and Julia Vassie. Bucking the trend in terms of women in the workforce, especially in recruitment, has been a cornerstone of our success—and support for women and their career ambitions lies at the very heart of Love Success’ ethos. Our workforce is currently around 90% female. We’re also proud to have won '2017 Best Female Owned Recruitment Agency - UK and have received formal recognition from the Prime Minister as one of the Fortuna 50 Index Fastest Growing Female-Led Businesses, in the top 25! 

Flexible working

More employers are also recognising the importance of changing their approach, offering flexible working options and working from home. At Love Success, we couldn’t agree more—and have one of London’s most highly recognised truly flexible working programs for both women and men. Over 70% our staff are part-time, working flexible hours, working from home offices, or on maternity leave—giving mothers and carers a viable route into the recruitment industry.

An upward curve

Growing media interest in the subject of women’s rights and the gender pay gap signals a positive change for women in the workplace. There may still a lot to do, but increasingly at our PA and secretarial recruitment agency in London, we are seeing confident and capable women gaining top London jobs and enjoying successful careers—from entry-level roles to managerial positions. The future is looking bright.


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