The 3 Big Career Mistakes That Lead to Job Dissatisfaction

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We all want a successful career and one that means something to us, yet studies repeatedly show that many UK workers are unhappy in their jobs. At our London PA recruitment agency, we love to help people find their dream jobs and ensure they’re happy in the workplace, so today we’ll look at the three big career mistakes that can lead to people being unhappy in their job or ending up in the wrong career.

1. Letting Other People Decide

One of the biggest career mistakes we see people make is letting other people decide or influence their career path. Maybe your parents wanted you to become a teacher, but you really wanted to become an EA to a HNWI. Or perhaps your boss thought you’d make a great team assistant, but you actually loved being the client-facing receptionist. Maybe you told your friends that you’d love to be a top London PA and they said it was an unrealistic dream. Without realising, you may be influenced by what other people think you should do for a career—rather than what you want to do.

If you lack passion for your work, it may well because you’re working in a career that somebody else chose for you, influenced you towards, or said it was all you were capable of. The important thing is to choose a jobs and a career path that follows your dream, not someone else’s dream for you.

2. Getting comfy

Another career mistake we often see is people getting too comfy in their role. It’s easy to stay in roles that are within your comfort zone, but doing so can limit your career potential, your income, and your skills. It can also become boring, leading to complacency or lack of passion for your work.

While it’s less scary staying in the same or similar roles, it’s actually a good thing to challenge yourself, try new things, and do something different or difficult. Employers like employees who aren’t afraid to take on a challenge, so career opportunities are there for the brave! Leaving your comfort zone might mean finding your dream job.

3. Not Taking Responsibility

As humans, we often make excuses rather than taking responsibility for our situation. If we’re unhappy at work, we give excuses for why we’re not doing something about it. If you’ve heard yourself complaining about your job, yet staying there, this could be you! Perhaps you’ve said, “But there’s no other jobs out there” or “But I need the money” or “I’m not qualified to do anything else.”

The thing is, there’s always another option—you just need to take responsibility for changing your situation rather than staying in a job or career that you don’t lovr. If you think you’re in the wrong career, it’s never too late to change. As a leading London recruitment agency, we know how important it is to be happy at work, so if you’re not happy, then perhaps it’s time to make a change!

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