Top 5 Communication Mistakes: From the Interview to Your First Day

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As a leading London recruitment agency, we speak to people at every stage of the recruitment process. This means we know how important great communication is when you’re trying to get your dream job—and when you’ve got it! Whether it’s a permanent or temp PA job or a front-of-house receptionist role you’re applying for, great communication is vital from the outset! Today, we’ll look at the top 5 communication mistakes people make—from the interview to the first day in a new job.

1. Bad mouthing your last employer

According to recent research, one of the worst communication mistakes you can make during an interview is bad mouthing your previous boss or company, with 88% of interviewers calling this a deal breaker! Yes, they may have been the boss from hell, but keep it to yourself if you want to bag that top London PA job, or any job for that matter.

Criticising a previous boss or workplace can make you look like a bad team player or that you have a negative attitude. It also tells hiring managers that you don’t take accountability, don’t know when to not share information, and that you might bad mouth them in the future. If the interviewer asks what your last company was like, keep it professional and factual. Turn it into a positive by telling them about the skills and experience you gained from the role.

2. Whinging

With a similar percentage of the vote, interviewers hate candidates who whinge during an interview! Remember that it’s important to stay positive and happy during a job interview, because this will give the best impression of you. Nobody wants to hire someone who can’t even stop themselves complaining during the interview! Bad traffic on the way there, dreadful coffee in the waiting room, or too cold in the interview room? Whatever it is, don’t be tempted to whinge about it!

3. Not listening

Three-quarters of the hiring managers surveyed were irritated by candidates who answer questions incorrectly during the interview. It might sound obvious, but when you’re asked a question, listen closely to what they’re actually asking. If you don’t understand what they mean, ask them to repeat it or rephrase the question rather than just jumping in with an answer that might not be relevant.

4. Self-promotion

When you’ve made it through the interview and been offered the job, you still need to watch out for communication faux pas on your first day. Bad communication on day one can instantly put you on a bad foot with your new colleagues. Recent studies have shown that a big mistake on your first day is trying to sell yourself and talk about your previous achievements. Instead, you should take an interest in your new co-workers and ask what they do. Don’t be tempted to self-promote, but do make connections and find out how the business works.

5. Not being professional

Another common mistake is not coming across as professional on your first day. While it’s great to be friendly and approachable, you should demonstrate that you’re a professional and will take the job seriously! Whether you’re starting in a bubbly receptionist role or a heads-down EA job, keep it professional.

For more top tips on interviews and communication, stay tuned! If you’re looking for your next temporary or permanent PA or secretarial job in London, get in touch with the team at Love Success today!


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