Why the Rise in Temping Is Positive

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According to the Trade Union Congress, the UK has experienced the third-largest rise in temporary employment in Europe—and this temping figure is expected to continue to increase as more people see the benefits of temp jobs.

The report analysed data between 2008 and 2015, and found a general trend showing an increase in temporary work all across Europe. The UK came in third, and also experienced the biggest rise in self-employed workers, as many people seek a more flexible working option to suit their lives. This spans a multitude of industries, from office support jobs and temporary PA jobs to seasonal work in hospitality and retail at particularly busy times.

Could the rise in temping be a positive thing? It’s becoming clear that there are many benefits to temporary work, which haven’t always been recognised. As a leading London recruitment agency, we’ve seen the benefits that many candidates of our candidates have gained in temp work, so let’s take a look at some of the advantages.

Temp jobs provide flexibility

Temp jobs are now some of the most flexible jobs around, especially compared to full-time jobs. In a contracted full-time job, employees are generally required to work fixed hours, and this isn’t always compatible with modern life. This type of working doesn’t suit the lifestyle that many people—especially younger generation—wish to lead. On the other hand, those working in temporary jobs can balance their family commitments, personal projects, and social lives around their work, rather than having to sacrifice any of these aspects of life.

Gain experience and contacts

Temping is also a valuable way for people to gain experience in a particular industry. For those looking for a permanent PA job at some point in the future, finding a role as a temporary personal assistant can provide on-the-job training and give them the chance to gain vital skills and experience.

In addition, temp workers gain contacts that can help in the future. We often talk about the benefits of networking when choosing a career path and getting a foot on the ladder. Networking can be as effective as any PA recruitment agency when it comes to securing future work, and temping provides a valuable opportunity to make new connections within a workplace.

Many people also use temporary positions as a way to flesh out their CV. For someone who didn’t obtain many qualifications during their education, or perhaps gained qualifications in a totally different field, temping is a great way to get a foot in the door and show employers that you are serious about pursuing a career within a particular industry.

Balanced rights for temp workers

Temporary workers are also protected by the Agency Workers Regulations. If a temporary worker has been with the same company for twelve weeks or more, they gain the same employment rights as those who are there on a full-time basis, including holiday entitlements, sick pay, and maternity leave if necessary.

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