The Traits You Need to Succeed as a Receptionist

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Skilled receptionists are always in demand, no matter what the economy is doing. The very best candidates in this market don’t remain free for very long, and all hiring managers understand the importance of having a truly top talent in this role. After all, receptionists are the first face that many people will see when they enter a building or an office—and they’re responsible for a multitude of tasks that keep everything ticking over within the business itself.

To work in a receptionist job, you don’t necessarily need formal qualifications, but you will need a range of skills and traits that make you invaluable to the company you’re working for. As a leading London PA and secretarial recruitment agency, we’ve helped numerous candidates find their ideal receptionist job. So here, we’ll look at some of those traits.

Unrivalled communication skills

As a receptionist, your communication skills—both written and verbal—must be excellent. You’ll be meeting and greeting guests and visitors every day, as well as fielding phone calls and emails, and taking care of simple customer service issues. All of these tasks require a great sense of how to interact with certain individuals. Beyond communication, you’ll also need excellent interpersonal skills. On any given day, you could come into contact with the maintenance team, a personal assistant to an executive, and the director of the company—so you’ll need to know how to communicate with each of them appropriately.

The ability to multitask

Picture the scene: you’re replying to a time-sensitive email when your phone rings. It’s one of the executive assistants asking you to coordinate a change of meeting room quickly to accommodate a last-minute addition to their meeting. At the same time, a small group enters the office saying that they’re late for a meeting of their own, and asking you for directions to the room they’d booked. If you’re feeling flustered just reading through that scenario, you might not have the multitasking abilities necessary for a receptionist or office support job. It’s vital to be able to juggle multiple projects and tasks at once, keeping all the plates spinning and making sure your superiors look good.

Tech skills

If you don’t know your Excel from your Outlook, you’ll struggle in a receptionist role. You’ll need to be familiar with the most common office suites, and able to perform simple tasks—word processing, sending emails, managing spreadsheets, and the like. There may also be some software that is specific to your industry—it’s likely you’ll have in-house training on this, but you’ll need basic tech skills in order to keep up. 

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