Are Your Technology Skills Up To Date?

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A worrying new survey by computer memory experts Crucial has found that almost half (43%) of British office workers say that problems with IT are preventing them from doing their job, while a fifth say they feel embarrassed by their lack of basic IT skills. Whether you’re after a temporary PA job or a permanent office support placement, or want to improve in your current role, IT skills are important to your success.

What the survey found

The survey found that only 22% of office workers believed their IT skills were excellent, and a further 47% said they were ‘good’ at IT. But looking into some specific tech-related skills produced some worrying statistics. 7% of the 2,000 respondents in office support jobs said they didn’t know how to use Microsoft Office, one of the staple suites used in many workplaces. 13% didn’t know how to scan their devices for viruses or malware—particularly worrying in an age of so many malicious online threats. Perhaps most shocking is the fact that 5% of those who responded to the survey don’t know how to send an email!

14% of Brits have also lied about their tech skills on their CV to make themselves sound better and give themselves a better chance of bagging a great job. Does this sound familiar? Have you been caught out by one of your bosses because you can’t use the technology you claimed to be proficient in? Technology is an essential part of office life in the 21st century, whether you’re working in a receptionist job, a temporary PA job, or even in a restaurant.

Improve your IT skills

As a leading London recruitment agency, we like to help as many people as possible to get a new job or improve in their current job. So here are our quick tips to help improve your tech skills and bring them right up to date:

  • Take a class or a workshop designed to help improve your IT skills. There are plenty of these all over the country—some colleges and universities offer them, as well as some industry organisations and community groups. You could even get a certification that you can put on your CV when you’re next applying for executive assistant jobs, or you can take an informal workshop that will help boost the basic IT skills you need at work.
  • Just give it a go! If you’re one of the 5% of people who can’t send an email, or one of the 13% who aren’t sure how to clear their internet cookies and web cache, just give it a go. Play around on your home computer—though perhaps enlist a friend or family member’s help to make sure you don’t accidentally delete everything on the drive while you experiment.
  • Learn how to Google. When it comes to learning anything new, Google is your best friend, and learning how to use it effectively can be a very useful trait to have in the workplace. Using Google, you can find tutorials, videos, and tips on almost every IT process out there, from updating software and uninstalling programs to using Microsoft Office and downloading apps.

Having adequate IT skills is absolutely vital in today’s workplaces, but there are a few companies who will take on someone who isn’t up to date on the basics. If you’re trying to sharpen your CV or find a permanent PA job in London, get in touch with the Love Success team today.


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