4 Things You Learn When You’re a Personal Assistant

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If you have your sights set one of the top PA jobs in London or further afield, you may think you know all there is to know about such roles already. You may have researched and studied, gone on dedicated courses to ensure your skills are up to scratch, and talked to existing personal assistants who can provide advice and tips.

However, with our years of experience helping candidates find personal assistant jobs, we know that being a personal assistant is totally unique, and there are some things that many PAs only learn once they settle into the job itself. So as London’s leading PA recruitment agency, here are the top four things we know you’ll quickly learn when you become a personal assistant.

You’ll wear more hats than you anticipated

A personal assistant is far more than a junior who does the coffee run and collects the dry cleaning. You’ll be responsible for a multitude of things, from managing diaries and arranging travel itineraries to compiling reports, implementing effective administrative systems, and filing expenses. You may also be asked to help out with personal tasks for your boss—anything from vetting suitable nannies to helping arrange family holidays. In your first week, you’ll wear more hats than you ever expected, and you’ll discover exactly how much is expected of you.

There’s nowhere to hide

If you’re having an off-day in some office support jobs, you can get away with doing the bare minimum between 9am and 5pm before heading home to recuperate. But when you’re working in a permanent PA job, there’s nowhere to hide. You won’t be able to take cover in the stationery cupboard for a 15-minute breather, nor have a long lunch break whenever you feel like it. There’s no one to take on your workload if you’re not on top form, and your boss will inevitably notice if you’re not. But likewise, when you put in the extra effort, it’ll be immediately noticeable, and you’ll receive all the praise you’re due.

Feedback and criticism are essential

When you’re working in such close proximity with one person, catering to their every need, it’s natural that feedback and criticism will be necessary to help shape and define the working relationship. You’ll gain plenty of respect if you seek out this feedback, rather than trying to avoid any harsh words—and it’ll show your boss that you’re taking the role very seriously.

You’ll become everyone else’s de-facto assistant too

If you’re working in the role of a personal assistant, your boss’ bosses will probably treat you as if you’re their assistant too. If you have a spare moment, there’s nothing wrong with running a few errands or finishing off a few tasks for one of your boss’ superiors—it’ll enhance your reputation in the workplace, and possibly even make your boss look good too. But always remember that your direct boss comes first, and if they suddenly need you back by their side again, be prepared to drop everything—even for the top executives.

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