How can you develop your skills on the job?

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In the busy day-to-day life of office support jobs in London, the journey to career growth is a dynamic and ongoing process. But it’s easy to stagnate when you’re using the same skills day after day. While formal education equips you with the fundamentals, the real magic often happens on the job. So, how can you develop your skills while navigating the daily grind?

Here are the Love Success top 10 tips for developing your skills on the job. 

1.    View challenges as opportunities to learn

The day-to-day challenges that come your way in office support jobs provide invaluable learning opportunities. Whether it's tackling a complex task or troubleshooting an issue, view each challenge as a chance to enhance your skills. Embrace the unfamiliar; that's where growth happens.

2.    Actively seek out feedback and constructive criticism

Don't shy away from seeking feedback. Constructive criticism, when delivered with the intention of growth, is a powerful tool for improvement. Engage with your colleagues and superiors, inviting feedback on your work. It might seem daunting to begin with, so identify people you trust.

3.    Take the initiative and volunteer

If there's a new project on the horizon or a task that aligns with your interests, take the initiative to volunteer. Proactively expressing your willingness to take on new responsibilities not only showcases your enthusiasm but also provides hands-on experience in areas that might be outside your usual scope.

4.    Learn from those around you

The office is a treasure trove of diverse skills and experiences and there are excellent opportunities for learning from colleagues. A collaborative environment fosters a culture of continuous learning, allowing you to pick up skills from various sources within your team. You might learn more about communication from how someone else words their emails, for example.

5.    Attend training that’s on offer

Most workplaces offer training sessions and workshops to enhance skills. Keep an eye out for these opportunities and actively participate. But also, don’t be afraid to recommend potential training opportunities.

6.    Use online learning and development resources

Online learning resources are literally at your fingertips. Leverage platforms like LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, or industry-specific resources to acquire new skills. Many of these platforms offer courses designed to fit into your busy day, and they are highly flexible.

7.    Set yourself some learning goals

Setting goals helps you actively achieve new skills. Without them, you may stagnate. So, jot down the skills you’d like to develop this year and then you’ll find it easier to spot the opportunities.

8.    Use mentors and networking

Just because you’re in an office support job doesn’t mean you shouldn’t leave the office! Attend industry events and join in relevant discussions. Find a relevant mentor and you’ll find your skills go to the next level.

9.    Keep abreast of industry trends

Whatever your office support niche, there will be trends unique to that area. Part of developing your skills is leaning about industry trends, technological advancements, and best practices. You can follow blogs, subscribe to publications and newsletters and follow the right people on social channels.

10.  Learning is all about reflection

Finally, take time to reflect on your experiences. Regular self-reflection allows you to identify areas where you've excelled and those that need improvement. This awareness is a powerful tool for continuous self-improvement and skill development.

Your workplace is not just where you perform tasks; it's also a fertile ground for skill development, especially for those in office support jobs in London. However, if you find that you’re stagnating and want to find new opportunities where your skills can grow, then get in touch. Register as a candidate.




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