Advice from temps - How to make every temp job count

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Embarking on a temporary job, or even a string of temp assignments, can be a gateway to unparalleled professional growth and valuable experiences. In this article, we’ve gather advice and tips from our community of temps in London, each sharing their pearls of wisdom on how to make every temp job count.

1.    Think about your purpose

Simone, an admin temp, shared with us, "Temp jobs in London are like stepping stones. Be purposeful in each role; absorb skills, network, and leave a lasting positive impression. You never know where these experiences might lead. But also be intentional when you choose an assignment. Whether you intentionally focus on pay or on the skills you need to build, that intentionality makes each assignment count."

2.    Use assignments to build your skills

Raj is an IT support temp. He told us, "Every temp job is a chance to broaden your skills which you can use to secure a future role, or make your CV better. Don't limit yourself to your designated role. Volunteer for additional tasks and show your versatility. It pays off in the long run."

3.    Network and get known

Fiona, a marketing temp, shared with us, "Networking is a hidden gem in temp roles. Connect with colleagues, supervisors, and even fellow temps. You never know who might hold the key to your next opportunity. Often you get asked back again if you’ve proved reliable and good. I’ve even had new assignments when someone I worked for moved on to another business."

4.    Set clear objectives

Zola shared how she makes each assignment count, "Before accepting a temp role, set clear objectives. What skills do you want to acquire? What connections do you want to make? What’s your goal with your next assignment? Having a roadmap makes every temp job purposeful. It ensures you make progress in your career with every place you work."

5.    Seek feedback

Javier told us, "Don't shy away from feedback. Use temp roles as a learning ground. Seek constructive criticism, and leverage it for personal and professional growth. I also keep a record of my achievements in every temp role. It’s really useful when I come to update my CV or answer questions in a job interview."

6.    Practice adaptability and gain confidence

Josie said, "Temp roles are a masterclass in adaptability. Embrace change, be resilient, and showcase your ability to thrive in diverse work environments. Soon you’ll find that you’re confident in all sorts of different environments. I used to be nervous going into new places and meeting new people, now I take it in my stride because of all the different temp jobs I’ve done."

With temping, each assignment is an opportunity to build your future success. Making each of your temp jobs in London count means that temping is a valuable part of an office support career. We’re always in search of the best temps to match with London’s best opportunities. Find out more about being a Love Success temp.



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