Why you need to understand the employer brand as a PA candidate

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In today's job market, being a Personal Assistant (PA) candidate means more than just having the right skills and experience. Understanding the concept of the employer brand and how it impacts your job search is crucial. Your chosen PA job in London might look perfect on paper, but it's the employer brand that reveals the true picture.

What is the employer brand?

The employer brand is a term that encompasses an organisation's reputation as an employer. It reflects how the company is perceived by its current and potential employees. It's not just about the products or services a company offers, rather it’s about the workplace environment, culture, values, and the way employees are treated.

Why does this matter for PA candidates?

·       Workplace culture: The employer brand provides insights into the workplace culture. As a PA candidate, this matters because it can significantly impact your job satisfaction, and ultimately as a PA or EA, you’ll be representing the employer brand too. Understanding a company's culture can help you determine if it aligns with your values and work style.

·       Employee experience: The employee experience is a key part of the employer brand. It includes factors like training, career development, work-life balance, and more. A strong employer brand often indicates a company that values its employees' experiences.

·       Job satisfaction: When you're aware of an employer's brand, you can make an informed decision about whether the job is right for you. Choosing a job with a positive employer brand increases your chances of job satisfaction.

·       Attracting the right employers: Knowing the employer brand can help you target the right companies in your job search. It ensures that you invest your time and energy in applications that have a better chance of being the right fit.

Researching employer brand

So, given that the employer brand can help you find a good fit position, how can you find out more about it?

·       Company website: Start with the company's website. Most organisations have a dedicated 'Careers' or 'Join Our Team' section that provides insights into their culture, values, and employee benefits.

·       Employee reviews: Websites like Glassdoor offer employee reviews. Be aware that this only really works for large companies, and sometimes the most vocal employees are the disgruntled ones!

·       Social media: Companies often use social media platforms to showcase their work culture. Review the company's LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook profiles to get a sense of their values and activities.

·       News and press releases: Look for news articles and press releases about the company. These can provide information about their recent achievements and work culture.

·       Ask your agency: If you’re applying through a recruitment agency, like us, ask us about the employer brand! The best recruitment agencies get to know the employer brand so that they can find the best fit candidates.

How to use your knowledge of employer brand in job applications

Once you've gathered information about an employer's brand, here's how to use it effectively:

·       Tailored applications: Use your understanding of the employer brand to customise your applications. Highlight your skills and experiences that align with the company's culture and values.

·       Questions for interviews: Prepare questions for your interviews that address the company's values and culture. This demonstrates your genuine interest and commitment to the role.

·       Better job fit: Armed with a thorough understanding of the employer brand, you're more likely to choose a job that aligns with your values and work preferences. This, in turn, can lead to better job satisfaction and career longevity.

·       Spotting red flags: An understanding of employer brand also helps you recognise red flags during the application process. If a company's culture doesn't align with your expectations, you'll know when to reconsider.

Understanding the concept of employer brand is a powerful tool. It ensures you're not only the right fit for the company but that the company is also the right fit for you. Let’s help you find PA jobs in London that are right for you. Get in touch on 020 7870 7177.

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