A day in a life of a candidate recently made redundant

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Welcome to a day in the life of a candidate recently made redundant. Serena was an office manager, a role that suddenly changed when she faced redundancy. Learn about how she manages her days as she looks for a new role. Her approach stood her in good stead and by the time this article was posted, she had just started in a new role for a publishing company, with better terms and conditions! 

Serena’s story

Morning routine

The day starts with a hot cup of tea and some quiet time to gather my thoughts. Redundancy can be a shock, but it's also a chance for a fresh start. I took a week to take stock, and then decided I needed a routine that was akin to a working day, to ensure I got back into work as quickly as possible, perhaps finding something better than before.

Job searching

One of the first tasks on my daily agenda is to reach out to my go-to London recruitment agency, Love Success. They've always been my trusted partners in job hunting. They understand the office support job market in London like no other. I also scour some other job sites.

Application admin

I update my CV with my latest experiences, focusing on my skills and achievements as an office manager. I've learned that showcasing my accomplishments can make a world of difference. I update the records of the jobs I’ve applied for and responses I’ve had.

Online networking

I spend some time networking online. Platforms like LinkedIn are a goldmine. I update my profile, connect with old colleagues, and join relevant groups to expand my professional network.

Doing some research

My consultant at Love Success sends me a list of potential office support jobs. It's incredible how quickly they respond. I review the listings, noting down the ones that pique my interest. I then do a bit of research about the different opportunities.

Lunch break

Just like in the office, I take a break to recharge. Lunch is a chance to step away from the job hunt and clear my mind.


I go through the office support job listings and start applying. It's important to tailor my applications to each role, highlighting my skills and explaining how I can be an asset to the company. I try to send out a few well-crafted applications each day. There are often online tasks I need to do too.

Skill development

I've always believed in continuous learning and now it’s more important than ever. So, I spend some time everyday enhancing my skills. I take an online course related to office management and update my software skills. Love Success have good online options to help.

Interview prep

I want to be ready for any upcoming interviews. I review common interview questions and practice my responses.

Done for the day!

As the day comes to an end, I feel productive. It's essential to have a work-life balance, even during a job search. I unwind by watching a documentary, preparing a meal and spending some time with my family who are cheering me on through this process.

Job opportunities after redundancy

The life of a candidate recently made redundant may seem challenging, but it's also filled with opportunities. With the guidance of a trusted London recruitment agency and a positive mind set, it's possible to bounce back and find new and exciting office support jobs in London.

We’re here to help, no matter the reason for your job hunt. And don’t forget that temping in London can tide you over, if you need it. Get in touch on 020 7870 7177.



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