A day in the life of a temporary finance assistant

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At Love Success, we understand the pulse of London's job market like no other. And right now, temps are in high demand – more so than permanent workers. Our passion lies in connecting talented individuals with exciting temporary office support jobs in London, and one role that epitomises this dynamic environment is that of a temporary finance assistant.

Here we heard the story of Anita, who has worked as a temporary finance assistant through Love Success on multiple successful assignments.

Starting the day with energy

Each day brims with the promise of new challenges and opportunities and that’s what I love about being a temp. The world of temporary office support jobs is a whirlwind, and my role as a temporary finance assistant plunges me headfirst into critical elements of each business. Mornings kick off with a sense of purpose; armed with my trusty calculator and a steaming cup of tea, I delve into whatever financial intricacies are in front of me today.

Multitasking and juggling

No two days are the same in the life of a temporary finance assistant. From meticulously updating spreadsheets to assisting in budget reviews, my tasks span a spectrum of responsibilities. Being part of a temporary team means I embrace versatility, seamlessly adapting to the unique demands of various industries. Temporary office support jobs thrive on this variety, and it's what keeps every day exciting.

Lots of problem solving

As the day unfolds, I find myself deciphering financial data left right and centre. As a temp, you often have to dig right in to understand different systems to ensure everything makes sense. You also need to be sure that you add value, and that those around you understand what you’ve done and why.

Offering support

Temporary finance assistants don't work in isolation; we're integral team players. Collaborating with colleagues from diverse departments makes what I do really interesting – I love meeting lots of different people. From liaising with procurement to aligning budgets, I get involved with all sorts of different people, depending on the task in hand.


In the ever-changing landscape of temping, adaptability is my superpower. I use my quick thinking and willingness to learn. Love Success understands that temporary office support jobs demand a unique blend of flexibility and expertise, and this is where we truly shine.

A fulfilling career choice

I find temping really fulfilling. Temporary finance assistant roles are more than just numbers; they're about making a tangible impact on businesses and contributing to their growth. I get to leave my mark but also get the flexibility I love.

Do you want to temp in office support?

There really is a high demand for temps at the moment in a range of office support roles. If you're ready to dive into a world of temping, then embrace the realm of temporary office support jobs with Love Success by your side. Register today.



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