What workplace skill do you find the hardest?

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The path to success in office support jobs in London is lined with opportunities for growth and development. Yet, there are those elusive workplace skills that can pose a challenge even to the most determined professionals. We’re here to shed light on these hurdles through the experiences of successful candidates who conquered their personal Everest.

1.    Multi-tasking

"Multi-tasking is my Achilles' heel," admits Eloise, a thriving office support professional. "But through practice and time management techniques, I've learned to balance various tasks and deliver results." Mastering multi-tasking is an art, but often it’s important to do tasks concurrently, and prioritisation therefore is key.

2.    Public speaking

"I used to dread public speaking," says Mark, now a confident senior project manager. "Putting myself forward and gradually stepping out of my comfort zone made me realise it's all about practice and preparation."

3.    Time management

"Balancing priorities and deadlines was a struggle," shares Siobhan. "Creating to-do lists and using digital tools helped me become more organised and efficient." If time management is your weak spot, turn to digital tools to help.

4.    Conflict resolution

"Dealing with conflicts used to make me uneasy," reveals Alex, who is an HR and change specialist. "Learning active listening and empathy allowed me to resolve conflicts amicably and strengthen relationships."

5.    Embracing change

"I found it challenging to adapt to new technologies," says Maddy, who returned to work after a career break. "But staying curious and taking online courses helped me stay relevant and agile." We can help ensure your skills are up-to-date.

6.    Delegation

"Letting go of control was tough," confides Lisa. "But delegating tasks and trusting my colleagues allowed me to focus on more strategic responsibilities." Effective delegation is a cornerstone of efficiency and scaling the ranks at work.

7.    Attention to detail

"I used to struggle with meticulous tasks," admits Rob, now a detail-oriented administrator. "Adopting a systematic approach and breaking tasks down helped me enhance my attention to detail." Precision is key in many roles.

8.    Problem solving

"Finding solutions to complex problems challenged me," says Michael, who works in finance. "I think it was confidence really. I started breaking down issues into smaller parts and brainstorming solutions step by step, and I realised I have valuable contributions."

As you embark on job hunting or a new job, you may worry about the workplace skills that you find harder than others. Knowing your weaknesses is important as with determination, perseverance, and the right strategies, even the trickiest workplace skills can be conquered. We all have our weaker areas – the real skill is being able to identify them and work towards improvement.

We can help you develop your career by addressing weaker areas and showcasing your strengths. Our recruitment consultants partner with you to ensure your success, whatever your office support skillset. Get in touch on 020 7870 7177.

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