5 LinkedIn tips for PAs looking to change jobs

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When you’re looking for PA jobs in London, you can pretty much guarantee that any hiring manager will take a peek at your LinkedIn profile. Many executives spend a great deal of time on the platform and so it’s natural for them to check out potential PAs in this way. As such, when you’re embarking on a PA job hunt, you need to make sure your LinkedIn profile is professional and shows you in the best light.

Our PA recruitment agency has the top tips you need:

1.    Pick your photo carefully

In theory it shouldn’t matter what you look like as a PA but in reality, we know that’s not the case. Executives need to be able to imagine you in the role. That means they need to see someone who looks smart and professional and yet approachable and friendly. You will, in many ways, represent the business, so they need to envisage this.

So, pick your profile photo carefully. Ensure it’s well-lit and high resolution, and definitely not a selfie or shows that you’ve cropped yourself from a group shot.

2.    Write a professional summary

Hiring managers are pressed for time. They will pay most attention to your LinkedIn summary. Make sure it matches your CV factually, but is unique. It should highlight your aspirations and successes. In this short paragraph, you want to show that you are a skilled and dedicated PA.

3.    Check everything matches

Then go through and ensure your employment history on LinkedIn perfectly matches your employment history on your CV. However, if you can, add some new info here. Your CV should always be two pages of A4, but in LinkedIn, if it adds value, there’s really no limit.

If you’ve worked on specific projects for your existing or previous employer then also link to these if you can. It’s something really tangible that employers value.

4.    Get 100% for accuracy

As a PA, executive recruiters are looking for candidates with meticulous attention to detail and a high level of written English. As such, your LinkedIn profile needs to be thoroughly proofread for typos and grammar mistakes. Get a few trusted friends to look over it for you.

5.    Get meaningful recommendations and endorsements

Those in PA jobs in London need a raft of good skills. LinkedIn allows others to recommend or endorse you for those skills. This is great for potential employers who often feel they are taking a risk. Endorsements and recommendations are a bit of social proof that demonstrates you can do what you say you can. Ask current and former employers to do this for you. You can offer to endorse skills for them too if you’re worried about asking for something for nothing.

LinkedIn is an important tool when it comes to looking for PA jobs in London.

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