Why working with a recruitment agency gets you the best jobs

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Is working with recruitment agencies in London worth it? That’s often a question we’re asked by candidates confused about the best ways to optimise their recruitment success. While not all recruitment agencies in London are the same, if you find a great one (like us!) then it’s always worth it. Overall, the candidates who use recruitment agencies typically secure the best jobs and advance their career most successfully in the direction they want to go.

Here’s why working with recruitment agencies in London makes good sense:

1.    Jobs aren’t necessarily advertised

The best recruitment agencies in London are used by a network of employers who know they deliver the best candidates. For example, at Love Success, we specialise in delivering candidates for office support jobs and so many employers come to us. While we advertise many roles, it’s not unusual for roles to be filled before the advertisement stage. It’s not uncommon for jobs to come through recruitment agencies without ever being advertised.

As such, it makes clear sense to be registered with the best and most reputable recruitment agencies for your niche.

2.    They get to know you

A job hunt can be somewhat relentless and it’s an arena that’s absolutely flooded. You can’t possibly apply for everything, and nor should you. In fact, you should always target your efforts with a focus on quality applications over quantity. However, a recruitment agency will get to know you, often meeting with you for a one-to-one appointment to learn more about you.

This means that they put you forward for the right jobs which best suit you. No wasted effort on your part. And because they know you, they care about finding you the perfect job.

3.    They can help level-up your applications

The best recruitment agencies recognise the value of helping you develop your skills as part of your job search. When you’re registered as a candidate with a recruitment agency, you should gain access to further training and support. For example, at Love Success, we offer a range of free training and assessment to help you make winning applications.

4.    It’s less lonely and you get tailored advice

Job hunting can be lonely and often a tad soul-destroying. However, using a recruitment agency ensures that you have someone in your corner helping you to succeed. They are there to help you write a CV that gets you invited to interview, for example. They can guide you and identify where you are making mistakes in your job search so that you don’t feel in it alone.

5.    You benefit from insider knowledge

A recruitment agency has their nose to the ground and understands hiring manager demands and expectations, helping you to meet these. They are involved in recruitment all day every day and you can benefit from their knowledge and experience. From interpreting job descriptions to identifying future opportunities, a recruitment agency can really help.

Choosing recruitment agencies in London to help you ensures that you are best positioned for the best jobs.

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