Tips to improve your call handling from people in the job!

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One of the most popular office support jobs in London is working in customer services. A core part of customer service roles often involves call handling. Excelling in a customer services career involves being exceptional at call handling, so you’ll want to know how to improve. Fortunately, we’ve got the experts on hand to help with their tips and advice.

Read on to discover tips to improve call handling from those building successful customer service careers.

1.    Answer quickly

Lucas says, “Answer within three rings so that the customer already feels satisfied.  This way, you’re not on the back foot with a grumpy customer who has already had their time wasted. If you can’t do this, and the customer is left waiting, be apologetic for their wait and understand that their time is valuable to them.”

2.    Be prepared

Fitz went on to say, “Preparation is central to a successful call. Customers want you to speak with confidence and authority. That doesn’t happen if you’ve not prepared! You will be umming and ahhing and definitely won’t sound competent!”

3.    Ask questions

“That’s why it’s really important you understand everything about the business, or at least know who to ask,” says Sarvesh. “In the early days in a new customer services role, make it your mission to ask lots of questions so you truly understand the issues that will come up in calls, as well as the product or service that the business offers. Then always make sure you attend and pay attention with update meetings. You never know when the information will be useful! If you’ve had a call where you didn’t know the answer and passed it onto someone else, use some time to educate yourself so that you can answer that enquiry next time.”

4.    Qualify and listen

Lorie says, “Always mirror back the caller’s requirements to ensure you understand. It ensures you actually meet their expectations.”

5.    Take care with your tone

Scott told us, “Even when you’re busy or stressed, talk with a smile. This person matters and you’ll have a better outcome if they hear that you’re interested, focused and willing to help.”

6.    Use hold with care

Kelvin says, “Of course sometimes you have to use hold, but bear in mind how frustrating this is for the person at the other end of the line. If it’s been more than a minute or two, reconnect and explain the wait. And always use hold as a last resort. If it will take a while to solve their enquiry, offer to call them back.”

7.    Care about your analytics

Brianna told us, “In customer service, we’re constantly presented with our data with targets to improve. In that, you can lose sight of how useful the data actually is. Look at your call analytics over time, and compared to colleagues, to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to improve.”

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