Tips for finding a job over the Christmas period

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There are seasons when it comes to job hunting. When the fairy lights start twinkling in the streets, the smell of roasting chestnuts wafts over Westminster Bridge, and Santa begins to put in an appearance, things can get tough for the job hunter. The year is ending, everyone is busy elsewhere, and it can feel like your job hunt stalls. For you, this might be a time when you actually have some time, with many offices closing between Christmas and New Year. The good news is that we’ve got the best tips, such as using temporary jobs in London, to still make your job hunt possible.

1.    Permanent jobs are on pause, temporary gets you in the door

While many businesses put their permanent recruitment on hold for the year end, waiting for a fresh start in the New Year, your way in is through temporary jobs. This is a time when the number of temporary jobs increases as employers battle Christmas time off and increased absence due to sickness. Many of our temps go on to secure permanent positions through temping.

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2.    Use this time for preparation

Many people launch themselves straight into a job search, barely dusting off their CV from the last time they did this. It’s not the most productive way to approach it. Instead, the effort you put into your preparation will help ensure you open the best opportunities moving forwards. If you’ve got time off over Christmas then you can use this time to prepare by honing your CV and considering the channels through which you’ll look for jobs. Don’t forget to do your research on recruitment agencies in London too! Choose one which specialises in your niche.

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3.    Get networking

Christmas parties abound and the festive season is a great time to get networking. Quietly put feelers out that you are looking for a new role amongst the right people at the Christmas and New Year shindigs. Building your connections in person is often invaluable for finding a new role and you get to have fun while you’re doing it.

4.    Check out the socials

Christmas is an excellent time to do some social media sleuthing to get inside insights into potential employers and what they are like to work for. Most of the year, social media tends to be very carefully crafted and about the business offering only. At Christmas, you often see things about employees – from award ceremonies to social events. This helps give you a window into what it’s like to work for the employer. You can rule in (and out) different future employers this way.

5.    Enjoy the sales!

With years of at-home working and then hybrid working, many of us have found our office wear wardrobes distinctly lacking. Come Boxing Day and the New Year, there will be tonnes of sales on. Go and grab yourself some interview attire, as well as smart clothing to make a good impression in your new role.

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