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An often overlooked part of the role for those in PA jobs in London is that they need to know certain technology to support their executive in their role. This is becoming more and more critical as part of the PA job. Here we chatted to some of our candidates doing PA jobs in London about the technology their executives use and how they support them.

·      Microsoft Office Timeline

Teddie says, “I work in finance and the Microsoft Office Timeline tool is so useful. My executive is incredibly busy and we use Timeline to see connections between events and visualise how one event feeds through to others. It’s also really useful as a historical tool. I can then present my boss with clear visual stories that help him understand the bigger picture.”


Rebecca says, “As a PA with huge administrative responsibility, is really invaluable for overseeing different projects. It’s a work management platform and ensures that workflows across the team run smoothly. My boss loves it, but isn’t always best at updating it, so I do that! I’ve helped her realise how it can be really useful for things like viewing project budgets, scope and timelines. She will assign tasks through it too. I’ve also integrated it with Outlook, MS teams and Excel.”

·      Calendly

Stu told us, “Obviously, as a PA, diary management is a core part of the role. I introduced my executive to Calendly and I support them with using it. They are now a big fan. From scheduling interviews for new job candidates to internal meetings, client lunches and more, Calendly ensures everyone in the team is in the right place at the right time! I had to ensure everyone integrated it with Google calendar too.”

·      Microsoft Excel

Namrata said, “It might be old school, but I find you just can’t beat Excel. My executive had some knowledge of it before, but I’ve supported them to get more out of it in terms of using it for business analysis and insight. I am a formula whizz and they call through to me to create processes that give us really great data.”

·      TeamUp

“TeamUp has been so insightful,” says Beulah. “It’s a Rhythm of Business tool which really helps you to see the big picture. Once you’ve been using it for a few years you will be amazed at what it reveals! I think it’s invaluable for executives. You get to see how things such as budgeting, annual meetings, reports, product releases and more, layer up over the year to create busy and less busy periods. It’s really great for planning and allowing my executive to see when things are coming up and how this will affect their (and my!) workload. We can predict things more easily.”

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