Survival tips if you’re laid off and job hunting

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In an ideal world, you decide when you want to change jobs. You then take your time applying, all while enjoying the security of your existing role. Finally, you hand in your notice and move smoothly from one job to another. But what if you’ve been laid off? You may feel greater urgency to find a new role quickly. You may find that days away from the workplace become very long and disheartening.

If you’re job hunting from a position of being laid off, then we’re coming to your rescue! Follow these survival tips to stay positive and ensure success in your job search!

1.    Get up, get dressed!

Treat every day of your laid off life as a work day. You need a set routine. Get up, get dressed and devote a set number of hours per day sat at your desk actively working on your job hunt. This makes you take the process of job hunting as seriously as you take a job and it pays off.

2.    Get out

Without the focus of going to work, you may feel trapped indoors leading to lethargy with your job hunt. Get out and meet others. Feel free to come and meet us at our Covent Garden recruitment agency, and register in person!

3.    Stay in-the-know in your industry

Use your time to keep abreast of industry news and updates. This helps you see which skills are in highest demand.

4.    Build your skills

You cannot spend literally all day every day job hunting. You’ll lose your mojo and simply churn out poor quality applications that don’t work. Instead, focus on quality over quantity with your applications and use the remaining time to develop further skills. This has the benefit of showing you’ve used your unemployed time wisely (which will almost certainly be asked at interview!). It also ensures you build the highest chances of success with finding the next job.

Money can be tight while you’re laid off and job hunting. We offer various free training and assessment options to help you with your job search. Book your training today.

5.    Get some advice

It can be tough carrying out a job search from the position of being laid off. Chat to our recruitment specialists and get advice on how best to approach your job search for office support jobs in London. A chat with our experts will build your self-confidence and set you on the road to career success. We’ll even help you practice your interview skills too – get out of the house and improve your job hunt prospects!

6.    Look after yourself

Lastly, remember to prioritise self-care. It can be a difficult time. Take this opportunity to meet friends, volunteer (great for feeling good and your CV), and enjoy the free time.

Need help with your job search?

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