Failure is your stepping stone to success

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We’ve all been there – failure can feel dreadful. At best it’s disappointing and at worst it can hit your self-esteem and self-confidence hard. As one of the leading recruitment agencies in London, we know that failure should be considered par for the course in all job hunts. But that doesn’t make it any easier when you feel rejected and deflated, and as if your efforts are going nowhere.

However, amongst recruitment agencies in London, we know that failure in your job search can actually be a stepping stone to real success. We’re firm believers of making success happen, and failure can actually be part of that. What you don’t want is to become scared of failure in your job search, so why is failure a stepping stone to your career success?

1.    It’s an insightful teacher

Feedback in your job search is hard to come by. Failure helps you learn to do better. Success in a job search doesn’t actually teach you anything. You’ll approach the next application in exactly the same way. But failure tells you that you need to do something differently.

2.    It’s a driver for resilience

Everyone in office support jobs in London needs to be resilient. It’s a core skill that you will rely on time and again. Failure in your job search will help to build resilience. This will make you tenacious and persistent in your job search – characteristics which are often rewarded well.

3.    It helps you take a different direction

When we start a job search, we may start out with quite inflexible criteria. This can limit our options and close doors before we’ve even got started. When we fail, we are forced to open up our minds to other possibilities. And it might just turn out that those other opportunities and possibilities set you on a much better path in the long run.

4.    It shows you’re trying hard and doing the right things

Failure is normal within a job search. Failing to be invited to interview is something you should expect over and over. It’s simply testimony to the number of people who apply for each role. If you aren’t getting repeated rejections then you probably aren’t applying to enough roles – it really is that simple. You can’t let the fear of rejection stop you from putting in application after application.

5.    It helps you modify your approach

Most people aren’t experts in navigating the jobs market – that’s a job for recruitment specialists! You only develop your job hunting skills every once in a while and then your skills fade until the next time you’re looking for a new job. This means that your skills go stale and out of date. Failure ensures you take stock and consider how to change your job hunting approach for this market, today.

We understand that failure can get you down and be frustrating. We’re here to minimise how much you fail and instead ensure that you have a far greater chance of success. Register as a Love Success candidate.

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