How do you know if you’ll be offered the job after the interview?

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Waiting to find out if you will be offered a job after an interview can be almost as nerve-wracking as the interview itself! Those of us in recruitment agencies in London are used to spotting the signs that an offer is about to be extended. Look out for these signs which show that there’s a high chance that you will be offered the job after an interview.

1.    There’s talk about next steps

It’s normal to be told when you will hear, but if the interviewer talks about potential start dates, or even second interviews, then it’s a good sign that things are progressing the way you want.

2.    They get in touch with your referees

Often references are followed up on after offer, but actually, many employers choose to do this before an offer is made as it helps cement their ideas. If you’ve been asked for permission to contact your referees, or they’ve told you the employer has been in touch, then all looks good.

3.    They took you to meet colleagues

Interviewers won’t disrupt the working day of your future colleagues for every candidate. However, if they’ve taken you to meet your future team then they are hopeful that you are the right person for the job.

4.    They discuss salary and benefits in detail

It’s very common for an interviewer to ask you your current salary, so that’s not necessarily a sign. However, if the conversation extends to them sharing more details about the salary and benefits package and how this will change over time, then chances are they are already invested in making you an offer. This is because they are already starting the negotiations which come when a new contract is looming.

5.    They seem positive

All interviewers should be professional, but they don’t necessarily want to mislead you. As such, you can often tell from the interviewer’s body language towards the end of the interview whether they are keen to get you on board.

6.    They answer your follow-up emails or questions

Unfortunately, hiring managers are notorious amongst recruitment agencies in London for only replying to candidates when they are interested in them. If you follow up with some contact after an interview, perhaps to ask a question that has since come to you, and they reply, this is a good indication that they are keen behind the scenes.

7.    Subtle changes to phrasing

Usually, during an interview, questions and statements are phrased in a way that centres on “if” you get the job. However, listen carefully and see if you notice a change to “when”. This indicates that the interviewer feels very optimistic and can actively see you in the role.

8.    You received lots of complements

Interviewers tend to keep their thoughts to themselves about what you reveal at interview. However, if the interviewer seems impressed then that’s definitely good news!

We know it’s an anxiety-inducing time, waiting to hear back from an interview. It’s another reason why using recruitment agencies in London is sensible. Often recruiters can get answers much more quickly and directly. Register as a candidate today.


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