How to answer the question: why are you leaving your current job?

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When you attend interviews for office support jobs in London, there are some questions you are almost certain to be asked. One of these questions is ‘Why are you leaving your current job?’ It’s a tricky question to answer honestly in many cases, and it’s also easy to overlook another opportunity to sell yourself for the role in question.

So, to help you navigate this question professionally and with the greatest chance for success, we’re sharing some insider tips with you.

Why do you want to leave your current job?

Before we get started, think to yourself why you want to leave your current job. It may be because you hate your boss, feel bullied, are bored and unchallenged, or simply want a shorter commute. These are all valid reasons to look for a new job but won’t necessarily want to come out in interview as an unvarnished truth!

You need to figure out how to answer honestly but in a way which can still impress the potential employer.

How to answer the question

1.    Give it a positive spin

Reframe the reason and try to give it a more positive answer. Always start your reply with a brief overview of the opportunities you’ve benefited from with your current employer. Talk about them professionally and respectfully.

2.    Focus on what you’re looking for rather than what you’re escaping from

Perhaps you feel spurred on to find a new job because your current employer is overlooking your potential and failing to promote you. You could say, “I don’t feel appreciated or challenged in my current job,” but actually, it would be better to say, “I’m excited about looking for new challenges and opportunities, which I can see present themselves in this job.” You can then transition to talking about the skills and experience you have to offer in order to meet those challenges and take advantage of those opportunities.

3.    Be forward-looking not past-dwelling

We get it, you’ve been ground down, perhaps stressed beyond belief, feel frustrated. A bad work situation has the potential to affect every area of your life. However, that was then, and this is now. You’re doing something about it. So, talk about your goals and what you’re aiming for, rather than get stuck in the quagmire of angst of what has happened to you. This shows you take your future development seriously and can move on from difficult situations.

It's very common that you will be asked why you are leaving your current job. Prepare yourself for this question so that you can answer in a way that is both honest and positive, which shows you in the best light for the opportunity ahead of you. It can even be a chance to show why you are a great fit for the role.

Are you ready to leave your job?

There are many reasons why you might feel ready to leave your current job. Whatever they are, we are here to support you to find something even better. Register as a candidate.


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