How did you choose which recruitment agency to use?

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Choosing the right London recruitment agency is essential for a successful job search. It’s tempting to dash out registrations with dozens of recruitment agencies in London. However, in reality this is wasted effort because none will take you seriously and you’ll be swamped in admin you can’t manage. Instead, choose one or two recruitment agencies. But how do you know which London recruitment agency is best for you?

We spoke to some recent successful job applicants about how they chose Love Success as their London recruitment agency, so that you can decide for yourself which agency is best for you.

The right niche

Rob told us, “I chose Love Success because they are office support specialists. It’s no good using a generic recruitment agency as the best employers generally don’t. Instead, choose an agency which covers your job role and has proven success in this field. Love Success are frequently hailed as the best recruitment agency for office support jobs, so it made clear sense to use them.”

Beyond the database

Beth said, “You quickly learn that some recruitment agencies just take your CV and then it languishes on a database somewhere hoping to strike a match with a job listing. Others actually take the time to contact you and learn more about your goals and aspirations. At Love Success, you are assigned a dedicated consultant and they work to personally find the right job for you. They get to know you and that really helps.”

Support and encouragement

Alison says, “I find job searches really stressful if I’m honest. Therefore, I need to choose a recruitment agency that is really in my corner, providing support and encouragement. If I have interview nerves, I want to know that my recruitment consultant gets it and will help me prepare. If I feel despondent after multiple rejections, I want my agency cheering me on and helping me find my job hunt mojo again. Love Success are brilliant at this.”

Recruitment expertise and know-how

Pauline shared, “I’m not an expert at job hunting. I’ve only done it a handful of times. I want someone helping me out who does know what they are doing because they do this day in day out. At Love Success, you immediately know that you’ve got recruitment experts in your camp. They know how to get your application to win interviews. They know how to prepare you for those interviews! And perhaps most importantly, they know how to liaise with, and negotiate with employers to get you the best package once they offer you the job. That’s invaluable.”

Let us help you with your job search

We know that choosing a recruitment agency can feel a little daunting. Our offices in Covent Garden are available for you to pop in and get to know us if that will help. Or get in touch and chat about your requirements and discover what we can do for you that’s different from the rest.

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