5 reasons why the cost of living crisis means now is the time to move jobs

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The ongoing cost of living crisis is on everyone's lips, with many struggling to find effective ways to make ends meet. Rather than worrying about making ends meet, why not consider finding a new job that can help you through? Take a moment to read the top 5 reasons why now is a great time to move jobs, then sign up with recruitment agencies in London and beyond to help you achieve your goal!

1.    You can get a pay rise to help beat inflation

Everything is growing in price whilst wages fail to keep up with the increases. Rather than dipping into your savings or tightening your belt, a new job could be the answer. Many in-demand job sectors are offering great salaries, which give you a chance to find one that increases your take-home pay and helps you to avoid the pressure of inflation. 

2.    You can negotiate a contract that works for you

Even though we are in a financial crisis, a huge number of job vacancies need filling. If you have the required skills and experience for the job that interests you, you can negotiate a contract that suits your requirements. Many employers are happy to consider specific requests from pay to working hours if they get the talent they need, leaving you with better pay and hours than in your current role.

3.    You can move to an area that is thriving

While everyone is affected by the cost of living crisis, some areas are harder hit than others. Changing jobs could be the best way to move from an area that is struggling to one that is thriving, such as London or other popular cities. Plus, you will be able to enjoy a more varied social life, and better opportunities as your new career grows. 

4.    You can achieve a better work-life balance

It is an employee market right now, giving you control over what you want to do for work and how you balance that with the rest of your life. Employers are more aware of the need for a good work-life balance and are willing to be flexible to help meet your needs as long as the business needs are met. Just be ready to compromise, and you should be able to find a job that works as hard for you as you do for it.

5.    You can enjoy pay enhancements

Finally, if you have a job that pays a simple base rate, moving to a new job could come with overtime or wage enhancements for different shift patterns meaning that you will be paid more for the same number of hours. Generally, pay enhancements are offered for working weekends or unsocial hours, but if it works with your schedule, then you could be quids in!

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