Advice for those in PA jobs in London on corporate gifts for Christmas 2022

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The employee Christmas gift has become even more important over the pandemic years, and largely remains so with the increased numbers working from home. It often falls to an executive’s PA to make decisions about corporate gifts for Christmas – for both employees and clients. It’s important that those in PA jobs in London stay ahead of corporate gifting trends so that reputational success is high for the organisation’s leadership. This year there are some notable trends in corporate gifts to pay attention to.

Meaningful gifts in a tricky climate

The first point to note should be that it’s important to take a mood temperature of employees before choosing corporate gifts. If your workforce as a whole feels quite hard hit by the cost of living increases, which is quite likely, then it’s important to choose gifts which are meaningful and definitely not crass. Employees will keenly want and appreciate gifts that help, rather than reflect wastage.

For example, a hamper of Christmas food or a voucher to a high street store will be more appreciated than generic ornamental gifts.

Sustainability matters

Those in PA jobs in London should be becoming more aware of the importance of sustainability for their executive’s reputation. Corporate gifts must increasingly be chosen with sustainability in mind. Choosing gifts with social stories and high levels of ethics is important. Eco-friendly gifts, without masses of packaging being sent to landfill matter to employees. Offsetting carbon in gift giving can also help the company to meet their Corporate Social Responsibility goals. There is a general feel that gifts sourced from smaller businesses are more highly appreciated.

Individualism is key

It’s no longer enough for those in PA jobs to simply buy up a bulk number of gifts and distribute these out. There needs to be some level of individualism to employee gifts to demonstrate that individuals are known and respected as individuals. It’s not acceptable to give wine to teetotallers, or meat products to vegans.

As such, there should be some choice introduced to the concept of gifting. Individual PAs can determine what will work best in their corporate environment. For example, it may be possible to individually choose gifts for each employee, or alternatively, it may be necessary to provide a menu of gifts to choose from.

Connection matters

With hybrid working and many employees working large chunks of time from home still, PAs need to factor in how important Christmas gifts are for making employees feel appreciated and valued. Gifts can be used as a way of connecting with remote employees. From a virtual party gift box, as well as a real Christmas party, to personalised notes of appreciation with sent gifts, thought should be given to the connection building opportunity.

Plan early

With many supply issues, it’s important that those in PA jobs in London begin planning and organising corporate Christmas gifts now. It might seem early, but it’s really not!



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