5 good reasons to accept temporary jobs in London

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There are so many positives to being offered temporary jobs in London. However, temping can still be perceived as a stop-gap or make-do solution. You may feel that when the placement ends, you haven’t moved any further forward with your career, or you may think that your rights and reputation won’t be as respected as a permanent employee.

Many preconceived ideas about temporary jobs in London in office based positions are outdated and incorrect. Here we share 5 good reasons why you should accept temporary jobs in London.

1.    You gain new experience and skills

An oft overlooked but enormous benefit of working in temporary jobs in London is that you can be exposed to and develop new experience and skills at a rate that is rarely possible in permanent positions.

Each new temporary role presents fresh challenges and experiences, new people and processes and you can quickly enhance your skill set and perspective. These skills then help you move forwards in your career in the future.

2.    You can fill the gaps

When applying for new jobs suddenly your CV matters again. If you’ve been out of the workplace for some time then it can be very hard to feel that your CV will help you find a new job. Gaps stand out like beacons. So, if you’ve been out of work – whatever the reason – temporary jobs can help get your CV up to date and moving again.

Additionally, remembering the importance of temporary jobs can be useful in between other jobs. If you feel the need to change jobs urgently without securing your next role, for example, using temp work in London can bridge the gap so that your CV doesn’t suffer.

3.    You meet new people

Not only are temporary jobs good for meeting new people for the sake of your professional network, meeting new people is good for helping to gain perspective and make decisions about what will suit you in the future.

4.    It could become permanent

Increasingly, temporary jobs become permanent placements. Many employers use temps as a way to ‘try before they buy’ and so temping can be a great way of proving your value for a longer term position. This puts you in a great position for negotiating a great deal going forwards as the employer really wants you.

5.    It can boost your confidence

Something we’ve noticed as a recruitment agency working with both temps and permanent candidates is that temporary candidates gain confidence quickly. Starting a new job is a nerve-wracking time, but temps get used to these transitions and so can move into new positions with ease. This allows you to hit the ground running, whatever position you next take.

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