Top skills needed by Personal Assistants

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Are you interested in PA jobs in London but are not sure if you have the skills needed to get the role you want? Here we share some of the top skills that are required to give you a clear insight into what you need to have to be successful – check them out now.

Excellent interpersonal skills

Being personable and able to talk to people from a wide variety of backgrounds is essential when being the best personal assistant possible. PA jobs in London are diverse and you will have to work to support your manager and everyone that wants to communicate with them, meaning you need to be able to put people at ease the moment you start talking to them.

Strong communication skills

Communication comes in many forms including written and spoken and it is important that your communication skills are up to scratch to enable you to do the best job possible. Understanding email etiquette, knowing when something needs to be formalised and using polite and professional language is all part of having strong communication skills.

Great time management skills

When you contact a PA recruitment agency for a Personal Assistant role they will want to know how good your timekeeping is. This is a non-negotiable skill that is required in all PA jobs in London. You will need to ensure multiple tasks as done within deadlines, and you may need to manage complex international schedules requiring next level time management!

Exceptional organisation skills

Another key skill that a PA recruitment agency will be looking for is the ability to organise in a way that other people can understand and use. You will be responsible for the organisation of your manager’s diary, travel, meetings and more and so you will need to be able to map out a clear schedule, organising them and all of your administrative tasks effectively and efficiently.

First-class multitasking skills

As a PA you will find that you are often pulled in many directions all at the same time, requiring you to be able to multitask and prioritise in a way that puts the company’s needs first. Remember, the job requires you to offer admin support, scheduling support as well as being the first line of defence for your manager when people try to contact them!

Superb attention to detail

Finally, it is also essential that you have a keen eye for detail as you will be expected to follow a range of different policies and procedures whilst providing the solutions you have been asked for, often under time pressure. This can be as simple as checking the spelling on your executive’s social media post to sourcing specific requirements given to you by your boss.

The best PA recruitment agency

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