The most important skills for office support staff

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If you have been looking for office support jobs in London and don’t know whether you have what it takes then thinking about your skill set is a great place to start. We chatted with some of the candidates we've placed into work to give you a clear idea of what employers are looking for right now.

Up-to-date technology skills

Matt recently started working with a well-known financial firm as an admin assistant and told us that “Tech skills are at the top of the list when my company is looking for new people.” He was able to demonstrate a strong understanding of all the typical software used in administration and has been given the opportunity to complete additional training in new tech too, saying, “The training they have offered not only makes me feel valued but has helped me to grow my CV for when I’m ready to move to a new role.” Don’t forget that at Love Success, we offer free software training support too!

Good time management skills

Lisa works an HR assistant and has been in her current role for the last two months, she told us, “My employer is really focused on growing a team with excellent time management skills so that flexible working hours can be offered and everything gets completed when it's needed – it's all about trust.”  Developing excellent time management skills is essential in the current world of work.

Quality planning skills

When Zeke went for an interview with one of our clients, they asked him to demonstrate his planning skills by arranging a sample daily schedule for them to review. “I worked through the planning task and had to explain to the panel the way I had planned and how I had prioritised each task – it was a real eye-opener and helped me to demonstrate that I had the skills they were looking for. They are definitely skills I use every day so I can see why they take this approach to recruitment.” Zeke was successful at interview and the client told us it was because he had shown a clear planning methodology that would work well in the team he was going to be working with.

The ability to problem solve

Charlie works in a large corporate office as a receptionist and told us, “My employer values team members that work hard to resolve problems and show initiative. This has been great for my development and I’ve been given lots of opportunities to find new, streamlined ways of doing things to help reduce workload without reducing quality support for clients.” It is important to remember that problem-solving skills do not mean that you have to find solutions for everything, but that you should have a can-do attitude and a willingness to use your imagination when needed.

Use your skills in a new role

If you are keen to find office support jobs in London and feel that you have the skills needed to do a quality job then we would love to hear from you. Simply contact the Love Success team and upload your CV to get the ball rolling! 

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