Is autumn a good time to look for temporary jobs?

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As autumn quickly approaches you may be thinking about finding temporary jobs in London but wonder if now is the right time to look or not. The great news is that autumn is not only perfect for cosying up with a hot drink and a snuggly blanket, but it is also a prime time to find the temp work London has to offer. With more temporary jobs advertised in 2022, it’s a good time to check out some of the reasons why this season could be the start of something successful for you!

Employers are refreshed and engaged after the holiday season

Many businesses notice a decline in productivity during the summer months as staff take holidays and people focus on taking time out with family and friends. As autumn arrives, everyone heads back to the office and recruitment priorities are reviewed and renewed. As everyone gets back into the swing of things, recruitment processes speed back up and hiring increases more than during the summer months, making it a great time to look for temporary jobs in London.

The need for staff increases

As more people are back at work in the autumn, the need for additional staff grows especially with yearly targets being checked and staff being asked to push for results before the year ends. The benefit of this is that autumn is more productive, with everyone focused on achieving the best business outcomes. During this time, employers will want to maximise productivity and often increase recruitment opportunities, including temp work opportunities.

Exam results are in

At the end of summer, students find out what their exam results are and start planning for career entry positions. With more than 5% of jobs in London being offered as temporary contracts, businesses have plenty of candidates to choose from to find the ideal fit before offering a permanent solution.

Seasonal jobs are advertised

Another important shift in autumn is the seasonal job influx as employers advertise temporary opportunities to get them through the Christmas period. The number of temporary jobs in London booms at this time and offers a great opportunity for anyone who needs extra cash or who wants a foot in the door for a specific company they are interested in.

Businesses are open to networking

Along with the increased autumn productivity comes a renewed focus on networking and creating links between businesses and potential employees. Many businesses offer specific events and work with recruitment agencies to find fresh and exciting talent that could offer their business the boost they need, giving you a great chance to secure the temp work London businesses have to offer.

Getting support to find temp work - London

If you are keen to source temporary work in London this autumn then using a recruitment agency will help you to source the best opportunities with the least stress. At Love Success, we take pride in offering a focused recruitment solution that will help you achieve your goals. In addition to the reasons why autumn is always great for temps, current economic uncertainty means temps are becoming even more popular with employers too. And that means higher wages!

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