My experience of using recruitment agencies

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At Love Success, we are keen to share the voice of our valued recruits to give you an insight into their experience and views. One of the areas we find that candidates are curious about is how London recruitment agencies work for you when you are looking for work. So we decided to take some time to find out what experience Louise, one of our newest candidates, had when she decided to use our service.

Why did you decide to contact Love Success?

I was working in a role that wasn’t fulfilling me and decided that I would start looking around at jobs that were coming up to see if there was anything I could go for. Love Success had lots of office support jobs that looked interesting so I uploaded my CV and the rest is history!

What were you expecting from our recruitment agency?

To be completely honest, I thought that my CV would get lost or that the agency would not be interested in what I had to offer but I was totally wrong and ended up getting detailed advice, huge amounts of support and access to loads of great job opportunities.

How easy was it to sign up with Love Success?

Super simple – I just uploaded my CV and got a call back very quickly, I was stunned at how attentive the whole service was from the first contact.

Did anything surprise you about London recruitment agencies?

Yes, I thought I was going to be a tiny fish in a huge ocean but there was never a time I was made to feel that way. Each job opportunity that was suggested had been selected as it met my skills and experience and I was never made to feel that I was competing with loads of other candidates for the roles that really interested me.

Is there anything you can share to help others who are looking for work?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and listen to the advice your recruitment consultant gives you. I was hugely underselling myself when I was applying for jobs on my own but the team at Love Success helped me to see that I had loads more to offer.

What advice would you have appreciated before you joined Love Success?

I think it’s useful to know that not all London recruitment agencies are the same. I’ve contacted others and not heard back, or felt like a cog in a machine. With Love Success, it was very different and I felt valued from the beginning. Don’t be nervous is another piece of advice – their job is to help you!

Let Love Success lead your way

If you are keen to find a new role and want to enjoy the same positive experience as Louise then we would be happy to help! Simply head over to our website, upload your CV and let our team arrange a time to discuss your requirements further. We take pride in finding excellent opportunities for our people, so register today and look forward to a rewarding employment opportunity.

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