You Know You’re a Personal Assistant When…

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Being a personal assistant is a challenge. After all, you’re responsible for helping a high-ranking executive or director to accomplish their goals—and those goals have a knock-on effect for everyone working at that particular company. Life as a personal assistant can be very demanding, with long hours and tight deadlines—but with fantastic career prospects and an ever-evolving job role, you’ll never be bored!

As a leading PA recruitment agency, we asked some of our top London PAs about some of the top signs and skills that made them realise they’d made it as a personal assistant.

You know you’re a personal assistant when…

You can recognise the sound of your boss’ footsteps coming down the hallway. After all, you’re in the office before them every morning, and you don’t leave until after they’ve gone home each night. You’d know their approaching or receding footsteps anywhere!

You jump when you hear your ringtone out in public—and on TV! Many personal assistants have a special ringtone for their boss, so they know they have to respond quickly. Hearing that ringtone while you’re out and about, or relaxing in front of the TV, can cause momentary panic!

You know plenty of personal details about your boss. You know what they’re allergic to, and possibly their blood type. You know what their significant other’s favourite colour is, and you know all of their children’s birthdays better than your own family’s.

Your desk is your sanctuary. You feel truly relaxed and empowered when you sit down at your desk each day. With a steaming mug of coffee, your work phone, your inbox clear, and your mind focused, you can take on the world.

You’ve learned to handle at least three phone calls simultaneously. Fielding phone calls is an essential part of the job, and on some of your busiest days, you’ve been known to juggle multiple handsets with ease.

You’ve accidentally ordered your boss’ coffee order… at the weekend. When you get into a habit of ordering the same thing each day, it can be hard to switch off at the weekends.

You know everyone in the office. Everyone. As a PA, you’re liaising with multiple different departments regularly, making friends wherever you go. Being the gatekeeper to your boss’ office means you get to know almost everyone at some point. 

You’ve often felt that ‘improvisation’ should be your middle name. Sometimes the best-laid plans go awry, and the best PAs know how to think on their feet. You’ve had your fair share of experience ‘winging it’ when a problem arises, but you always make things work for your boss. That’s the mark of a great assistant!

You’ve been mistaken for your boss on the phone or via email. This is especially relevant if you’re the same gender as your boss. Eventually, you start picking up their turns of phrase and their favourite buzzwords, to the point where others aren’t sure whether they’re speaking to you or your boss.

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