Turning an Internship into a Permanent Job

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Internships have been in the spotlight over the last few years, with the debate over unpaid internships and how competitive the world of internships really is. But according to new research by Milkround, there’s a real bright side to internships. According to their yearly study, The Candidate Compass, around 53% of internships now result in permanent job offers.

Internships are a great way to work your way up the career ladder, starting from the bottom. They give you an opportunity to make valuable connections in the workplace and they’re vital for adding real work experience onto your CV. So how can you maximise your chances of being offered a permanent job after an internship? As a top PA and secretarial recruitment agency, we love to help people find jobs. So let’s take a look at some of the best ways. 

Be a ‘yes’ man, or woman…

The simplest and most effective way to boost your chances of being kept on as a permanent member of staff after an internship is to never say no. Whether you’ve been asked to do some filing and archiving, fetch coffee for the whole office, or file a report with a particularly tight deadline, it’s important to show that you’re willing.

Develop relationships in the office

Build strong relationships with your direct superiors and any other staff you may be working with during the internship. This will help your colleagues view you as ‘part of the team’, and when it comes to hiring someone, you’ll likely be the first name on your boss’ list. Of course, even if you aren’t offered a full-time job at the end of the internship, the great relationships you’ve formed can be useful for finding other positions. So whether you’re looking for receptionist roles or temporary PA jobs, it’s vital to have good relationships.

Make your goals clear

You don’t want to come across as an intern who’s only there to pass the time until you graduate, or to bolster your CV with some temporary jobs. Make your goals clear to everyone, especially your boss—such as to become a top London PA. Identifying your goals before securing your internship will also ensure that the position you’ve accepted will be beneficial to your future development.

Identify improvements

We’re not saying you should be recommending a top-down reshuffle of the entire company after your first week as an intern—but you could certainly impress your superiors by identifying some small improvements that can be made relatively easily. Is there a better way to do something that’s already being done in the office? Can you think outside the box and come up with a more cost-effective solution than the ones other staff are suggesting?

Always seek feedback

Ask your colleagues and superiors how you could improve your performance at work. This shows that you’re eager to develop and become a more valuable member of staff. It’ll also help your superiors to start thinking of you as more of a long-term prospect than a three-month work experience hire.

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