Are You Happy with Your Work-Life Balance?

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Last week saw National Work-Life Week take place across the UK, and an interesting study found that many employees across the country are having trouble finding the perfect work-life balance. As we’re a leading London recruitment agency, we strive to ensure that our candidates love their work, so let’s take a look at the figures and see how to improve your work-life balance.

Work-life balance across the UK

The YouGov report showed that 83% of workers think it’s vital to have a good work-life balance—and 1 in 7 are unhappy with their current circumstances.

The younger demographics were most likely to be unhappy with their work-life balance. 1 in 5 employees in this age group are unhappy with the balance they’ve struck, compared to just 11% of over-55s. Just over 40% of 25-34 year olds reported feeling pressure to work outside working hours, which was tipping their work-life balance more towards work.

Having a poor work-life balance can have a real effect on individuals. Those who don’t feel they have a positive balance are more disengaged in all areas of their life. They can’t fully concentrate on work because of family commitments, and when they spend time at home, they feel under pressure to be thinking about work. 34% of those with a poor work-life balance said they were often envious of other people’s lifestyles, while almost half (46%) said they felt alienated from others.

Tips to Enhance Your Work-Life Balance

Love Success is a PA recruitment agency first and foremost. We recruit exceptional individuals for personal assistant jobs, receptionist roles, and other office support roles across the capital. Some of these roles—in particular the personal and executive assistant positions—are very demanding jobs, and it can be difficult to maintain that vital balance.

When working in receptionist or personal assistant jobs, you spend a lot of time prioritising the needs of others above your own. It can be difficult not to take work home with you, and it’s not unheard of for bosses to reach out to their PAs at all times of the day or night with urgent work matters to resolve.

So if you find you’re struggling to achieve that perfect balance between your personal and working lives, here are some of our top tips to help you tip the scale in a more positive way.

  • Work smarter. Being the best employee in the office doesn’t necessarily mean putting in the most hours—it means you understand how to prioritise work, and you’ve cut out unproductive activities that are dragging you down.
  • Always take full breaks. You’re given certain windows during the day to rest and refuel—make sure you take them. When work is busy, it can be tempting to eat lunch at your desk or skip your breaks entirely, but this can lead to burnout and the feeling that you never get to rest.
  • Try to make the most of any spare time you do get. Whether it’s spending quality time with family, socialising with friends, or indulging in a hobby you have, try to make your free time count.

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