What are analytical skills and how to develop them

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Increasingly, analytical skills are becoming an important part of all jobs, but particularly office support jobs. Being able to demonstrate excellent analytical skills can help you excel in your career. They demonstrate that you can manage complex issues, make decisions and develop solutions.

Core analytical skills

There are multiple different analytical skills but some are particularly important for most office support jobs in London and beyond. Primarily, being able to work logically, pulling out the most relevant information from the maelstrom of information overload, is a sought after skill. Additionally, being able to organise and create new systems to manage data, information and projects is another.

Within these analytical skills are other core skills. These include critical thinking, problem-solving, data analysis, creativity and even communication. So how can you develop these skills?

How to develop analytical skills

Analytical skills are very difficult to teach in an old-school classroom environment. However, it is possible to develop them by consciously thinking about them and seeking out opportunities to practice them in your working life.

So, your first step should be to seek out new challenges. You’ll even need to use analytical skills to do that! Ask for new opportunities, think about how things can be done differently, and extend your comfort zone.

Furthermore, look around you and identify a colleague or someone within your network who clearly has high level analytical skills. Ask for their input and suggestions, perhaps even being open about looking for a mentor.

If it is difficult to find new opportunities to develop analytical skills within your current workplace, or to find a mentor amongst your existing colleagues, look beyond the boundaries of your current workplace. For example, voluntary work can provide different opportunities and also bolsters your CV in the process.

However, if you find that you are very limited to develop new skills within your workplace then this may be a sign that you are ready to move on.

Show analytical skills on your CV

As you acquire new analytical skills, remember to make note of situations and examples so that you can add these to your CV. Being able to draw on examples showcases that you can demonstrate skills rather than just list them. You can even show these skills within other skills by using figures and data to back up other demonstrable skills e.g. “I took on the company’s Instagram account and improved interactions by 47% in 2 months.”

Analytical skills show that you can handle a range of situations and prioritise work effectively. It’s important to develop them and then show them off when applying for new roles.

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