What I enjoy most about temping in London

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Looking for some job inspiration? Meet Sophie, one of Love Success’s amazing temp workers! We asked Sophie to take some time out to chat with us about the temping industry in London and what it is about temping in London that she loves the most. If you like what she has to say then follow the sign-up advice at the bottom of the page and join us too!

When did you start temping?

I decided to start applying for temporary jobs in London about twelve months ago when I moved to the city and wanted to find office work that challenged me to develop my skills.

Why is temping right for you?

Temping in London means massive amounts of choice when it comes to jobs that let me develop my office skills in a way that suits my needs. I’ve been working hard to get experience in all the different aspects of office work so that when I’m ready I can find a permanent role that will give me the career path I want.

Do you worry about not having enough work?

I’ve never had to worry about not finding work as temping in London is such a normal way of life for office staff. I actually find that companies are keen to use temps to find employees they want to keep and this has given me plenty of opportunities since I first arrived in London last year.

What are the best parts of temping in London as an office worker?

There are lots of perks to working as a temp but my top three best parts have to be the diversity of opportunities that are available, the decent pay rates that reflect my skills and experience and the fast-paced city culture that keeps me motivated on days that I would have struggled with before I arrived in London.

How easy was it for you to find temporary jobs in London?

The one thing that made me nervous about moving to London was the fear that I wouldn’t find work, especially when I was thinking about being able to pay the rent and the bills. I was really shocked at how easy it was to get work and how quickly I was able to start once I had signed up with Love Success. Since I first joined the agency I’ve never had a moment where I’ve been worried that I would be left without work – it’s brilliant!

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